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Memorial Day, The Military and Social Security

This seems like a good time to remind our..cough..beloved politicians that a whole shitload of military vets and disabled/deceased soldiers’s families( wives and kids) live on and depend on Social Security, Disability and that pesky government health care (that all … Continue reading

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Know Thy TRUE Enemies! (Vol. 2)

By Jack Jodell, May 25, 2011 This is my second installment of an intermittent series putting the spotlight on narrow-minded, plutocratic conservative Republican hypocrites who are actively trying to limit our freedoms as progressives either socially or economically. This series, … Continue reading

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WI Rethugs ram through another winner. Voter ID bill.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Crooks and Liars, specifically David, we have video of this fuckery below..but bitchfest on the subject. This crap passed on a 19-5 vote. The five were of course Democrats, many of the other … Continue reading

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60% of AZ students are Hispanic. So why are they getting shafted at every turn by state and fed governments?

Yet the republican-led state government is doing everything they can to cut funding to those districts which are mostly hispanic. How fucking ignorant is that? Why do they want to raise a generation of uneducated citizens? Make no doubt about … Continue reading

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Stanley Knowles, True Working-Class Hero

A few weeks back, in response to one of Minnesota Jack’s American Labor posts, I said maybe I would share a little about someone I consider a great figure in Canadian labor history. Well, here goes. I’ll try to be … Continue reading

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Rezdog Pundit on loyal Democrats and lessons learned from Wisconsin

Lyndon Johnson’s 61.1% to 38.5% over Barry Goldwater in the 1964 popular vote and FDR’s 523 to 8 electoral college landslide over Alf Landon in 1936 are the Democratic party’s two biggest victories ever. Scott Walker’s election in Wisconsin may … Continue reading

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Words are weapons; a deep poison.

I am a witch. I am being actively “hunted” here in my own country and abroad.  The “hunters” are numerous, and not always, but mostly affiliated.   The Service and Leadership Society is a large hunter organization just concluding a Harvard … Continue reading

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The recent attacks on public sector labor unions in Wisconsin and Ohio should serve to remind us of the  great debt of gratitude we all owe to the labor movement in this country. Our ancestors fought long and hard for … Continue reading

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Thank you Carrie Dickerson

The health of our Nation has been left in the hands of companies whose goals are mainly to make money- not to protect the public welfare. It is our job to tell companies- and our government- that we want safer … Continue reading

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Let’s speak through the heart to one another.

In a small Indigenous ceremony on March 9th we celebrated Ahau, the last round in the Maya long count calendar T’zolkin.   Daykeepers  (Indigenous Maya time keepers) say that on the ancient ball courts of Palenque, at the Kukulcan pyramid … Continue reading

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