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WI Rethugs ram through another winner. Voter ID bill.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Crooks and Liars, specifically David, we have video of this fuckery below..but bitchfest on the subject. This crap passed on a 19-5 vote. The five were of course Democrats, many of the other … Continue reading

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60% of AZ students are Hispanic. So why are they getting shafted at every turn by state and fed governments?

Yet the republican-led state government is doing everything they can to cut funding to those districts which are mostly hispanic. How fucking ignorant is that? Why do they want to raise a generation of uneducated citizens? Make no doubt about … Continue reading

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Suidicial thoughts rise through the roof for military.

A report by the military itself has raised my hackles. As someone who had a beloved niece serve in Afghanistan, prior to Obama’s move into the Oval Office, I am appalled and quite pissed at the numbers. The following quote … Continue reading

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By Jack Jodell, May 9, 2911  AMY GOODMAN (1957- ) is a very talented journalist, author, activist, and host of LINK TV’s Democracy Now!, which is also carried on nearly 300 radio stations. The show is one of a kind, in that … Continue reading

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Obama admin’s story and reporters story don’t jive…not the first time.

From E&P via theSanFranChron: The San Francisco Chronicle has accused the White House of lying about a recent spat with one of its reporters. Last week, the Chronicle reported that the White House had threatened to ban Chronicle reporter Carla Marinucci from … Continue reading

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Today’s number: 12

That number represents the top 12 Corporations that not only don’t pay taxes, they actually get a refund check from the IRS. So, with it being Tax Day for all us ‘little people’ lets look at a few of these douchenozzles and how they … Continue reading

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By Jack Jodell, April 6, 2011 This is the third installment of a series highlighting ordinary American workers who, through tremendous risk and sacrifice on their part, became great leaders in the American labor movement. It is to people like this … Continue reading

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