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I am Bradley Manning. I am a casualty of America’s endless wars at the pleasure of corporate profiteers and in speaking truth to power.  I am an example of American Human Rights violations under the leadership of the Obama White … Continue reading

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By Jack Jodell, May 17, 2011 THOM HARTMANN (1951 – ) is the 10th most important talk show host in America, and most important liberal, according to Talkers Magazine (the 9 above him are all conservatives). Hartmann, an unabashed progressive, … Continue reading

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60% of AZ students are Hispanic. So why are they getting shafted at every turn by state and fed governments?

Yet the republican-led state government is doing everything they can to cut funding to those districts which are mostly hispanic. How fucking ignorant is that? Why do they want to raise a generation of uneducated citizens? Make no doubt about … Continue reading

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On April 20th 2010,  off the coast of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, near 9 PM on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig platform an explosion ripped open the night as it climbed furiously up from a well in bathos and … Continue reading

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Video – The truth on Japan nuclear meltdown & its fallout.

LET US LOOK AT the broader perspective the reality of long term affects: On BALCO Mark McGuire is swinging Albert Bell’s bat!  Its MINE those two metaphors are mine they are mine in the context of the past 30 years … Continue reading

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Thank you Carrie Dickerson

The health of our Nation has been left in the hands of companies whose goals are mainly to make money- not to protect the public welfare. It is our job to tell companies- and our government- that we want safer … Continue reading

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Let’s speak through the heart to one another.

In a small Indigenous ceremony on March 9th we celebrated Ahau, the last round in the Maya long count calendar T’zolkin.   Daykeepers  (Indigenous Maya time keepers) say that on the ancient ball courts of Palenque, at the Kukulcan pyramid … Continue reading

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Nuclear Crisis in Japan

Japan is facing an unimaginable crisis from a multitude of fronts. The world needs to give any and all support that is asked for, not just for the earthquake victims but to avoid a catastrophe on a world wide scale. Continue reading

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Hope? Change? Some Reasons NOT to Support Obama

The Obama that people voted for in 2008 is an illusion, a mirage. Just like the poor soul wandering in the desert in search of water, then suddenly seeing the oasis in the distance. A figment of the imagination, spawned by the need for hope and change. Continue reading

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Our Age of Outrage

Where is your outrage threshold?    “…for the first one now will later be last, and…” Three short months ago Muhammad Al Bouazizi, college graduate, who could find no work in his community, joined fellow college grads who have created … Continue reading

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