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It’s Kinda Personal

Since the killing of Osama Bin Laden, people have been telling others what to feel, how to express it, and what it means. I find this very odd.    We know what’s in the minds and makeup of each person to … Continue reading

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The Most Evil Man In America

Yes, that’s right!  The most evil man in America has announced he’s running for President.  The news make my stomach turn. I’ve written much about the Newt in the past.  One story that I did sums him up quite well.  … Continue reading

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Here I Go!

In my ever attempting quest to piss people off, I think this is going to be a winner.  So much has happened since the Donald and his hair attended the correspondence dinner.  By now we all know that something happened … Continue reading

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Bemusement, I don’t think so

Bemusement, I don’t think so I find myself once more in an awkward position. I don’t particularly think President Obama is doing a very good job. That being said, although I’m quite critical of his Decisions and Policies, I find … Continue reading

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Buying Off Responsibility

Responsibility, not in the terminology of BP. Oh remember we were supposed to get out our crying towels last year because poor BP was treated unfairly. Yeah all them little old ladies in England would be destitute if BP were … Continue reading

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No More Heart Disease

No More Heart Disease!
Renowned Heart Expert Shares His Secrets Finally, Prevent and Overcome Deadly Heart-Related Problems and Live: Pain-Free Drug-Free Stress-Free Special Health Update From the desk of Doctor I.B. Quackers Dear Friend, Concerned about your heart? You should be … Continue reading

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Sea of Hell (Dramatic Huh)

Japan: Radioactivity rises in nearby Sea Am I supposed to be surprised? I’ve been waiting for this big announcement. Let’s see they have been using sea water to cool this hot mess from the start. I can’t find a damn … Continue reading

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