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Sympathy for the Dybbuk

Please allow me to introduce myself I’m the colonists end game excused land theft and genocide made the victims bear the blame < I was ’round for Deir Yassin and so many others unnamed star of david held to the … Continue reading

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Little Mother

Some said it was a miracle Yatimah lived at all, others whispered it would have been a mercy if she hadn’t. Umayma saw only the will of God, and the love of family. And the sightless eyes which recognized her … Continue reading

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Bin Laden means nothing to me

On September 11, 2001 no planes crashed into the grocery store, museum, utility company or any of the small dwellings near Interstate 8 as it bisects the reservation. No planes crashed into the bingo hall or the RV park or … Continue reading

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Now large with child, Twisted Grass spends her days inside the lodge cleaning and cooking, leaving only at night to draw water from the stream. Night had become her friend, a welcome cover shielding her from the downcast eyes and … Continue reading

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Where do you draw the line?

What is an acceptable amount of third world deaths? Democratic party loyalists are okay with the amount of people killed in drone attack thus far. Over one million dead in Iraq in a war Obama regularly voted to fund is … Continue reading

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Rezdog Pundit on loyal Democrats and lessons learned from Wisconsin

Lyndon Johnson’s 61.1% to 38.5% over Barry Goldwater in the 1964 popular vote and FDR’s 523 to 8 electoral college landslide over Alf Landon in 1936 are the Democratic party’s two biggest victories ever. Scott Walker’s election in Wisconsin may … Continue reading

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Twisted Grass

Twisted Grass smiled to herself. Crow Dancer was picking berries again. A quick glance in his direction, then back to her task. She heard giggling from the other girls as he moved closer. Sensing his presence next to her, she … Continue reading

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Rezdog Economist on Fed Lending to foreign banks and bank runs.

It’s been all over the┬ánews that the Fed loaned billions out to foreign banks, with many Americans asking why. Bloomberg has a good article on it, explaining it was essentially the Fed acting to prevent bank runs. The phrase “bank … Continue reading

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The Guest

He’d pulled her hair in grammar school, frightened her with frogs and spiders in the summertime and daydreamed about her in class while scribbling her name in his notebook. His first solo bicycle trip was riding past her house. He … Continue reading

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Opening the window and breathing the cool air in deeply, she whispered “Saikai“. Opening the window and breathing in the morning air, the light of a thousand suns exploded into the room. The sound of air raid sirens registered in … Continue reading

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