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I am Bradley Manning. I am a casualty of America’s endless wars at the pleasure of corporate profiteers and in speaking truth to power.  I am an example of American Human Rights violations under the leadership of the Obama White … Continue reading

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Here is healing.

Thank you with all my heart to Amy Muller in the Links for Wildly Left on Facebook. This is evolved humanity.  Forgiveness builds our future and brings good health to our world.

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On April 20th 2010,  off the coast of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, near 9 PM on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig platform an explosion ripped open the night as it climbed furiously up from a well in bathos and … Continue reading

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Words are weapons; a deep poison.

I am a witch. I am being actively “hunted” here in my own country and abroad.  The “hunters” are numerous, and not always, but mostly affiliated.   The Service and Leadership Society is a large hunter organization just concluding a Harvard … Continue reading

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Let’s speak through the heart to one another.

In a small Indigenous ceremony on March 9th we celebrated Ahau, the last round in the Maya long count calendar T’zolkin.   Daykeepers  (Indigenous Maya time keepers) say that on the ancient ball courts of Palenque, at the Kukulcan pyramid … Continue reading

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Our Age of Outrage

Where is your outrage threshold?    “…for the first one now will later be last, and…” Three short months ago Muhammad Al Bouazizi, college graduate, who could find no work in his community, joined fellow college grads who have created … Continue reading

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Why don’ cha MAKE ME ??!!!

The last month has witnessed the world in rebirth… Beware the Ides of March the seer said.  Marching marching marching, People have been marching… for themselves and their communities, but not for the gods of war.  Just the same, war … Continue reading

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