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Let’s hear it for Vermont Democrats!

Vermont, the first state to put the kibosh on slavery (in 1777!), is now showing the rest of the United States how to do health-care reform. Both of the state’s legislative chambers have approved a bill aimed at true universal … Continue reading

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Stanley Knowles, True Working-Class Hero

A few weeks back, in response to one of Minnesota Jack’s American Labor posts, I said maybe I would share a little about someone I consider a great figure in Canadian labor history. Well, here goes. I’ll try to be … Continue reading

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Hey, did you hear what Frank Luntz said?

“Politics for the simple-minded” is how Frank Luntz describes the approach he has, more than anyone else, helped embed in U.S. politics. He’s referring to how politicians over-simplify issues, appeal to emotion instead of intellect, and cast people on “the … Continue reading

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Not crazy, but hardly benign

Gotta hand it to you folks in the U.S. of A – your country has colorful leaders on the right. And by colorful I mean crazier than a hoot owl. You have Huckabee, a guy who would hold up assistance … Continue reading

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Imagine that: Racism has a home in the Tea Party

The rallies started soon after the first African-American President took residence in the White House. Crowds nearly as white as my 96-bright printer paper came to parks and public squares, carrying signs that said things like “Taxed Enough Already” even … Continue reading

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