Sympathy for the Dybbuk

Please allow me to introduce myself

I’m the colonists end game

excused land theft and genocide

made the victims bear the blame


I was ’round for Deir Yassin

and so many others unnamed

star of david held to the sky,

it sealed their fate, Palestine the prize


Pleased to meet you,

yes I have no shame

used the Holocaust as a

political brand name.


Drove the natives into refugee camps

where they remain today

barred the doors and changed the locks

Palestinians Stay Away!


Put up checkpoints to keep help out

Walls to keep them in

divert their water so our lawns are green

divert our sewage to the crops they eat


Pleased to meet you

yes I have no shame

I use the Holocaust as a

political brand name


Helicopter rocket attacks

bombs from F-15’s

justified as self defense

mass punishment-does this make sense?


Media is in my grasp,

politicians too

I cry anti-Semitism

when truth be told, I’m European


Pleased to meet you

yes I have no shame

use the holocaust as a

political brand name


Just as all Palestinians are terrorists,

all Israelis saints

as heads is tails call me Zionist

I’m in need of some restraint


Pleased to meet you

Yes I have no shame

use the Holocaust as a

political brand name

About osori

Too old to know better.
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8 Responses to Sympathy for the Dybbuk

  1. Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

    Now THIS, will find controversy! And when it does arrive…. I got your back, Bro. It’s a long time coming due. IF ethnicity is a regulator in these opinions and how valid or non-valid they may be, your own Ancestors have the floor with which to wipe the opposing views with! (we can all make such claims sometime in someplace on this planet…mores the pity!) But still, it’s a goddamn shame that it comes up at all, aye? Of ANY CULTURE THAT SHOULD KNOW THE HARM AND CRUELTY OF WHAT THEY DO…. is there any better example of such extremism and injustice as the old Jews sitting in leadership over Israel at this time? Of that old written scapegoat, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter…. I HAVE SEEN THE CLARITY OF PALESTINIAN FREEDOM FIGHTERS.
    go Bro!

  2. Jack Jodell says:

    INTERSTING variation on the Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devi”, Oso! And yes, some restraint in Israel is definitely called for! The Usraelis definitely have the right to exist, but not to seize territory and enslave Palestinians on their own land as they have been doing.

  3. Norman says:

    Oso, indeed, your insight and bravado exceeds you today. Good post, timely too. Am I the only one who sees the parallel, or do others see that what’s taking place over there today, is like a copy of when Chamberlain & Hitler had their meeting in the latter part of the 1930’s? Peace, on the NAZIS terms. The west is being taken again, what a shame, until it happens to them. There’s an interesting article in the Guardian about a Jewish conglomerate that trades with Iran, in defiance of the Wests blockade, that the Israeli government knows it too. The scary part, is the Israelis have nukes, so when push comes to shove, well, you get the pic.

  4. Oso says:

    Guys, thank you so much for reading and commenting! I’m traveling so computer access limited. I got to thinking, how Jews have traditionally been a caring religious community, insular for so many reasons but giving in their traditions, here in the US they were in the vanguard of the labor movement. Then I thought of the Dybbuk, a malevolent possessive spirit I believe from Yiddish folklore, and thought of a parallel with Zionism. Without Zionism we’d all be so much better, with much good for Jews coming out of its demise.
    Thanks again.

  5. Krell says:

    Wow! I think these lyrics have more impact than the original.

    Scream that they will, but it is an issue that has to be address because a lot of the world is thinking it. It IS possible to critique the policies of a nation WITHOUT being anti-Semitic and until Israel faces these issues they will become increasingly isolated with only the United States and it’s powerful lobbying force defending it’s increasingly scorned actions.

    Words of truth with a razors edge, Oso. Excellent!

  6. I’ve seen this picture used before. If you look at it with a little bit of discrimination you will see clearly that the soldier IS NOT pointing his gun at the woman and children. He could just as easily be protecting their transit.
    And really, don’t you think you ought to leave perhaps the most horrible human tragedy of the 20th Century out of it?
    Other than that, I sympathize with the Palestinians on most issues and realize that my gov’t is complicit in their oppression, but lets be fair.

  7. Mary-Alice Strom says:

    I recently viewed a documentary about the Anti Defamation League they’ve carried their mandate to such an extreme that ANY criticism of Israeli policy is viewed as anti semitic. Israeli children who have never experienced anti semitism are taught in school to “identify” it and fight it. This is a powerful club that some Israeli politicians wield, in addition to political power and weaponry, in their game of winner take all.

    • oso says:

      Thank you Mary-Alice,I agree with your sentiments.It’s unconscionable how they stifle dissent.I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

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