60% of AZ students are Hispanic. So why are they getting shafted at every turn by state and fed governments?

Yet the republican-led state government is doing everything they can to cut funding to those districts which are mostly hispanic.

How fucking ignorant is that? Why do they want to raise a generation of uneducated citizens? Make no doubt about it, the students are mostly if not always, born in the USA..they are citizens! Perhaps their parents are not, but those kids are and there is no fucking excuse for the shit being foisted upon those school districts by the friggin republicans, the teabaggers and the haters.

Take the case of the Tucson school districts and their fight to keep ethnic studies as part of the curriculum. The ignorant, hateful republicans are doing their damn best to kill these courses. From the PhoenixNewTimes link:

Enemies of the Tucson Unified School District’s ethnic studies program would have the public believe that a cabal of commie educators are teaching revolution in TUSD’s classrooms.

The reality is not quite as sexy as this vision of young Patty Hearsts, Huey Newtons, and Bernardine Dohrns getting groomed with lessons on Marxism and Chairman Mao.

Indeed, to listen to the likes of former state Schools Superintendent and current Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, the primary pusher of the ethnic studies ban signed into law last year by Governor Jan Brewer, you’d think Tucson high school kids are learning how to hate whitey and make pipe bombs.

This is also the general line, BTW, that the Arizona Republic’s official crotchety old white man, Doug MacEachern, who — like a lot of mean, ornery, tea-bagger-esque ofays — is genuinely terrified of young, intelligent Latinos, armed with facts and logic.

God forbid these young people ever grow up, go to college, and become Horne and MacEachern’s worst nightmares: members of a new political establishment that will condemn theirs to a timely grave.

Equality people..we need it in order for us as a nation to become first again in all areas and the white folks fighting against it will not win this war. Yes, it is a war.

The fastest growing population in the United States is Hispanic.  The last thing we, as a nation, need is generations of uneducated or under-educated Hispanics. I don’t give a shit what garbage the white teabagging, extremist Republicans throw out there to justify their actions with regard to educating the hispanic population..its pure bullshit and fuckery… plain and simple.

The Tucson classes had been in the system for thirteen-fucking-years. Steve Lemons of the Phoenix NewTimes attended one of these classes..he had to attend it incognito because the District Superintendent refused to give him permission to attend one. Again from the PhoenixNewTimes link:

Essentially, the students read a passage by a Hispanic-American author. The subject was self-empowerment, not the “victimization” that Horne and others believe is preached.

A writing assignment centered on this theme. Current events concerning the effort by some on the TUSD school board to make ethnic studies an elective were discussed. Several students expressed that if this were to happen, they would not be able to fit the class into their course load. The program would probably then whither away.

The teacher led the discussion but did not force an opinion on the teenagers. Other than the text and the subject matter, the class could have been any social studies or literature class anywhere in America.

Why do these classes exist? To answer this question, you need only look around the campuses and observe. More than 60 percent of TUSD’s students are Hispanic. One middle school in TUSD is 92 percent Latino. In one high school, 71 percent of attendees are Latino. Another high school is 89 percent Latino students.

These are shocking numbers, and evidence that the U.S. Supreme Court decision of Brown vs. the Board of Education, which held that separate educational facilities for students of different races are “inherently unequal,” has been effectively undermined by white flight and the rise of charter schools.

Tucson’s ethnic-studies classes were the result of a desegregation lawsuit brought in the 1970s. There are also African-American and Native American courses, but Mexican American Studies is the largest of these disciplines.

MAS was created to address the disparity between dropout rates and low test scores of Latinos versus other students. The idea behind it is to engage at-risk students with history and literature that speaks to them and their experiences.

“The students see themselves in the curriculum,” Sean Arce, director of the program, told me during my last trek to Tucson. “They see themselves as part of the American experience, as contributors to society.”

Whether the white folks/teabaggers/racists like it or not….Hispanics are here to stay and they are growing in numbers. They are becoming the biggest block of voters in the Southwestern part of America…that includes Arizona of course.

Obama is trying to fight the good fight when it comes to overhauling the federal Immigration Bill. He is demanding that the bill includes a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. From a new article in the National Journal:

President Obama is in bargaining mode with congressional Republicans about a proposal to require employers to electronically verify that their workers are legal. He named his price—a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants—in a single sentence in the White House immigration “blueprint” released in conjunction with Tuesday’s speech in El Paso, Texas.

“Most importantly, this change must be accompanied by a legalization program that allows unauthorized workers to get right with the law,” the blueprint said in its outline for how to roll out a mandatory employee electronic verification program. Republicans largely do not support such a path to citizenship.

The White House’s declaration is essentially a gamble that Obama won’t be forced to veto a stand-alone measure to require employers to use the Homeland Security Department’s voluntary E-Verify program, even though he is on record supporting the idea. E-Verify allows employers to check hires’ identification numbers against Social Security Administration and DHS databases to determine if they are in the country legally.

The House is expected to pass a mandatory E-Verify bill this year. The measure is likely to face resistance from Democrats in the Senate who are trying to revive the Dream Act, which would give undocumented students the chance to earn green cards and go to college.

I pray to Buddha that, like the HCR bill, he and the Dem’s do NOT cave in on this demand. If he has to veto a bill that does not include a pathway to citizenship..then so be it..veto the fucker Obama.

Get that pair of balls you left in your other suit pants and veto it. Stand firm on this issue. America’s future depends on it.

The Dream Act is one of the most important ideas and issues there is nationally. Richard Lugar (R) has pulled his sponsorship of this bill. What a worthless piece of political pond scum. The Bill was reintroduced today in the Senate. The fucker had the nads to say the Dem’s are turning the issue of immigration into a political one.

Maybe they are, I don’t know..but I don’t really care as this bill and this issue is important….so very friggin important.

Rent a set of balls Democrats and stick to your beliefs on this issue. Same goes for Richard Lugar, the jerkwad who bowed to the extremists on the right when he pulled his sponsorship of the bill.

We need educated children..regardless of nationality, color, religious beliefs or income level. Our future depends on educated people and we all know how low on that totem pole we are falling as a nation every friggin year.

It’s sickening on every level that rightwing extremists attempt to deny an education to anyone that wants it who isn’t the right color or religion. Just look at the shit being pulled on Muslims, just as an example, because a group of extremists were Muslim on that horrible September day that changed all of our lives..including American Muslims! It goes against our own history of being a nation that welcomes diversity and gives all a chance to excel and be the best they can be, so that they can contribute to making America the best we can be again.

You disgust me Mr. Lugar. You make me sick. Grow a pair you asshole and rethink your position on this. Stand up to the wrong and stand up for the rights of everyone to get an education and contribute to our nation. Same goes for the bastards in AZ.

I am proud to say that the California Dream Act has been passed by the State Assembly. I hope to hell the State Senate wakes the hell up and does the same. We have lots of teabagging extremists in this state who elect their brethren..so it’s not a guarantee by any means. I happen to live in the reddest part of California, so I know wtf I am talking about. Here, we have no problem using them to pick our agriculture in temperatures that reach 100 degrees daily and work the most menial jobs..but educating them…oh fuck no. Not for the rednecks in the San Joaquin Valley. Maybe this time they will lose..I can only hope the rest of the state will override these idiots.


About Dusty, hells most vocal bitch

I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*
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16 Responses to 60% of AZ students are Hispanic. So why are they getting shafted at every turn by state and fed governments?

  1. Norman says:

    Good post Dusty, to answer your “Q”, why?, because they are scared shitless, they’re becoming the minority down the road. Cowards always play dirty, you know that. Another thing, they will be booted from office soon, know this, so are trying to set the agenda. They will continue right up to the last day, so, it’s incumbent on all to do everything we can, to make sure the fools are defeated in the next election. If we don’t, then it’s on to plan “B”.

  2. Dusty says:

    They are attempting to marginalize anyone that isn’t an anglo saxon christian Norman. It’s been going on for years if not decades, just pick a race or religion that isn’t the standard whitebread type and bingo…the R’s started marginalizing them immediately. That is why so many court cases and why busing started in Boston among other places in the 70’s. I lived in Beantown then and it was fugly dude. Damn scary as those white folks were trying to actually hurt those kids..and I am talking about the adults more than the white students. I couldn’t believe it. I was stunned at the overt racism.

  3. osori says:

    Generally I hear the ‘baggers say ‘why aren’t there European Studies’ and I try to point out that most of us get 12 years of them in school. I’m not inferring a racist plot, rather basic human nature. A system installed by a particular group reflects their values, hence our school system. In our case it hasn’t evolved to include women and non-Anglo Saxons.

    Attempts to bring the system into the 20th and then 21st centuries are met by the opposition Dusty so eloquently and correctly points out, and as Norman also illustrates – demographics are the opposition’s enemy.

    Their attempts to prevent non-Europeans from receiving a better education really shows the bastards true lack of both patriotism and class.

  4. Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

    rent a set? Good sense of humor, Dusty. Down here there is equally large population of “Hispanic” … counting Cuban, Maya, MesoAmerican, Panamanian, I mean lots of Spanish speaking Peoples. The world is mad, the Republicans are greedy guts and your attention to the DReam Act is much needed… we need to turn up the conversation on that! To deprive our future by depriving our brightest youngsters… well, no comment can do. Eh? Great post. We have to be active against this…. shit.

  5. Unless you’re mainly white, wealthy, and/or cpnservative. most Republicans in Arizona or anywhere else don’t represent you, and they certainly don’t want to be bothered with caring about you. I find it amazing they can even face the world, let alone politically control about half of the country.

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  7. Dusty says:

    I paid a visit to the pingback on this writeup. The author actually believes America ranks higher than nearly every other country in the world. I asked him for links to that fact, because I had plenty to prove otherwise. 😉

  8. Dusty says:

    Also, I have a rightwinger on my Blogger post that really has the balls to blame the kids for not trying hard enough to excel. Its’ their fault he says. I continue to argue w/him, but I doubt I am making any headway. sigh….

  9. scaredstiff says:

    “Keep the people hungry and poor! The last thing we want to do is allow them to be educated. Once educated they may raise up in opposition. ”
    It’s my best guess these are the driving force behind why they oppress anyone different then them. Let’s face it, it’s in their history.
    My dream is that someday soon white old men will be a thing of the past. All I can say is I’m sorry! I’m embarrassed and say they don’t represent me. Education is my answer to our future.

  10. Krell says:

    It’s just crazy! Why would a country not want to educate it’s inhabitants? Why not give everyone an opportunity to better themselves and by their actions, make the country better?

    Anyone that actually knows anything about history, not the rewritten kind but the REAL history of this country, knows that it was built by immigrants from all over the globe.

    It’s what has made us strong. What does it say on the Statue of Liberty?? “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

    Immigrants with a desire to make their world a better place. That’s America.

    I may be a white male, probably a little insane, but doesn’t that just makes common sense?

  11. Norman says:

    Krell, you don’t think it’s your head gear do you? Seriously, those people don’t have common sense.

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  14. Norman says:

    Goodness, a little late to the party, are you not? That said, perhaps a reunion of sorts might be in order,. as it’s been a very long tyme-intended spelling here. Something happened where I seemed to have been cut from the group or site, for what ever reason. I’m still kicking, as the saying goes, if anyone else is still out there. Say hi to everyone Norman, HI EVERYONE.

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