STayiNg wIth Kevin Blanch – Japan?

Just exactly WHAT is happening in Japan?


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11 Responses to STayiNg wIth Kevin Blanch – Japan?

  1. Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

    It’s like everyone has simply forgotten…. JAPAN IS SLIDING OUT OF OUR REALITY! What is going on?

  2. Norman says:

    Kevin, Bravo, and here I was wondering how to wake my enthusiasm without coffee. I can say this, I’m still jiggling wishing you were main stream media. You are so correct, the Media in this country has become more like the Bazarro world. This is the only media left, but it too is getting taken over. Thanks again for the post, and the adrenalin rush.

  3. Dusty says:

    I have been screaming about climate change since the friggin 70’s when I heard Gore speak in Santa Barbara. I lived for decades less than an hour from the Dolly Parton Memorial..otherwise known as San Onofre. I am well aware of the bs spewed to keep us believing that fucker was safe and just fucking dandy.

    Thanks Kevin.

  4. Stimpson says:

    The nuclear industry gets to spin the Japan disaster on TV all the time because the nuclear industry has the money to overwhelm public discourse with pro-nuke propaganda. It doesn’t help that journalists tend to consider the business perspective as more credible and ‘moderate’ compared to what the green hippies have to say. It helps to remember, when watching TV, that the people on-screen and the people producing the show are uppper-middle-class or higher on the social scale. Class has a profound influence.

    Thanks, KB, for the kick-ass commentary.

  5. osori says:

    thank you, Kevin and Gwen.

  6. Krell says:

    That’s how it works. Keep the fire under control until the next distraction comes along. Like moths to the light bulb, ants to the kool-aid.

    Kevin tells it like it fucking is…. fuck ya!!

  7. Red River says:

    This is one foul mouthed dude here. Can’t he express a thought without saying “fuck?”. My young daughter was watching over my shoulder when I clicked the video link and I didn’t know it until she wanted to know why the bad man was saying so many bad words. This was my first visit here and it will be my last. I’m no prude by a long shot but this is just redneck nonsense. A clear case of having little to say of substance, choosing instead to place an invective in every sentence. The webmaster, if there is one, should be ashamed to promote such crap.

    • Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

      see ya! *waving bye bye*

      Kevin has large audience online. We feel extremely good about his contributions… the subtly of his messages are not lost on those who pause and listen and laugh and reflect on the core of his meaning. To simply come by and hear “FUCK” … is a symptom of, well, those incapable of expanding their horizons. Ok … see ya! It’s way ok. Ta ta.

  8. Norman says:

    Kevin, you’ve surely done it this time. Someone from out there watched. Gosh, the watcher doesn’t know what’s going on around him/her? Sort of tells the story about the percentage that views the web, they don’t know what’s going on. Perhaps the person really doesn’t exist? Now that’s a thought. No mater, I still like what you have to say, at least you got his attention.

  9. Dusty says:

    I really have to laugh when people used the tired line that others who can’t express a thought w/out using profanity are a bane on society. I guess that individual watches nothing but network channels that are governed by the FCC. If my 75 year old mother doesn’t get her fucking panties in a wad over the f-bomb, then times have changed.

    Apparently Red River is stuck in the past, which is fine for him, but to blast others that aren’t is pure bullshit.

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