Here I Go!

In my ever attempting quest to piss people off, I think this is going to be a winner.  So much has happened since the Donald and his hair attended the correspondence dinner.  By now we all know that something happened in Pakistan.   Depending on who you talk to tells the story.

To be quite honest, I’m absolutely amazed at how jaded many have become.  Let’s keep it real here.  I’m no fan of BHO.  He lost me over the gulf disaster and the fact we’re still at war and look for more conflicts.

That being said, social network groups have gone mad.   I realize conspiracy gets our country hard and stuff but we have overdosed on Viagra as of late.  I read people who I thought were rather down to earth deny that Osama Bin Ladin was killed.  Many said it never happened.  Here’s a few of the many things that were discussed:   OBL has been dead for years.  His body was frozen and just now thawed because Obama needed the votes.  It was staged and actually filmed in Texas.  (No doubt where the Moon Landing was.)  What are they trying to cover up?   Why was his body buried at sea?   We knew all along where he was.  You can’t possibly get DNA results that fast.  (somebody better tell Maury Povich that.)  (Who’s the daddy show will never be the same.)  How could they film it while holding their guns?  I guess these people never watched COPS.   (bad terrorist bad terrorist what cha gonna do?) Helmet Cams!  The main thing I’m hearing is that the facts just don’t match between the white house and media. Oh and even if there were photos, they were photoshoped. I guess it’s easier to believe in an invisible being than our own eyes.   As I told someone, who you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

Let’s see,  we weren’t in on the planning or execution of the assault.   Somehow though, we think we know everything that happened. Every detail and scenario was considered by us because after all, we know.

This is a world gone Mad.  One of the worst is Alex Jones.  This guy is a fucking nut.  He’s Glenn Beck on steroids.  Every dollar he gets is from fear mongering.  As of late he’s quoted quite a bit.  Oh my head!

Listen, some times we just need to take a back seat and see what develops. The news cycle just spreads their lies and false headline grabbing nonsense in order to get you to tune in.  By now you know I recommend Al-Jazeera for the least corrupt information.

Let’s all pretend we’re Sherlock Holmes, before conclusions are reached, lets get the facts, however long that takes.  If you really need to feed into the frenzy of the Conspirators,  please consider your sources before accepting them as factual.

Whether or not you agree what should have been done,  face facts we’re not in charge.  I think the wealth of information that was considered before putting our Navy Seals in danger weighed heavily on the President.  How could it have not?  He very well could have been the next Carter.  A bad guy was taken out, a man who declared war on us twice.  No he was never convicted.  He also never denied it.  Now I’m getting into a whole other debate.  We’ll have to wait on this one.  Meanwhile ask yourself if you’re any better than the Birthers?   Seems no matter what, the truth is denied. Sound familiar?


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17 Responses to Here I Go!

  1. Norman says:

    And a jolly good morning to you too Mr Scaredstiff, my goodness, being true to form, I do believe truth has been written here. You’re so correct about what you wrote in the last two paragraphs, though I’m not sure most will understand. I believe all the readers here will, but for the occasional viewer, well, like you say, you’ll piss people off. But that’s a good thing, isn’t it? Thanks for a good post, you do good.

    • scaredstiff says:

      Thanks Norman, You can call me Badger or Tim if you prefer. I’ll answer to about anything. Yeah I struggled with this. Indeed it will piss people off but if I start caring about that, I would have lost my integrity. I’m not a professional writer as many may point out. I just write what I feel from observation. My opinion doesn’t make me right but perhaps gives another point of view. Thanks much for your comment as it means more to me than you may know.

  2. Stimpson says:

    I approve this message.

    I won’t waste my time thinking about whether OBL really is dead, or which ‘theory’ of his death or non-death is correct. It really doesn’t strike me as important.

    • scaredstiff says:

      Mike I lot of effort being wasted by a lot of people. Of course that’s the American way.

    • jackjodell53 says:

      I am shocked beyond belief at the outcome of the Canadian elections! Please prepare an analysis for us Yanks and post it here—what in the world has happened to your once-great Liberal Party? Will Quebec go independent as a result of this? I know they HATE Harper!

  3. Krell says:

    Although it seems that to me there are some quirky things about the events as they are told, there is no way to tell if it’s the military playing their games, similar to Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman, or just the White House.

    I have no doubt that he was killed and that’s the bottom line, isn’t it?

    But there is one theory that I want to throw out there. Pakistan wants the drone attacks to stop. Afghanistan wants us out as soon as possible as well. Perhaps Al-Q or Pakistan came to the conclusion that to start that process, they offer up Osama.

    They say… Look, if you promise to start a withdrawal process, we will tell you where Osama is. This gives you political points for the election and we win because we get you out of our countries. You have a pivotal point to start the process now that you can show the American public that it’s “Mission Accomplished”.

    Strictly conjecture on my part but it’s a thought for debate.

    But whatever the discussion, the end game must be withdrawal of the troops. Get them back home as fast as possible.

    • scaredstiff says:

      Krell, you can’t argue with your end game. Yes as I’ve been saying, stop the madness. Funny since I posted this I lost 8 friends on FB. I guess I’ll have to try harder next time. lol

      • Krell says:

        Your kidding! People have actually defriended you over it?

      • Krell says:

        I really can see why people are coming up with all the conspiracy stuff and that is because they have lost trust in their government.

        Time and time again, the government has been shown to have “misspoke” about all sorts of things. Once you have lost trust, everything becomes suspect.

        There are some crazy ideas out there but the government MUST take some blame for the conditions that create such fuel for this fire.

      • Jess says:

        I lost a real life acquaintance after I said “and these are some of the same people telling you this deather stuff, that would have you believe there is a mystical being in the sky” watching over every little thing we do and holding us to account for it. Perhaps I could have used a less divisive way of getting my point across, but nope had to go all in on it right off the bat.

  4. osori says:

    Yep there are those who question everything they hear – like the Elvis sightings still occurring.

    I know the govt and intelligence agencies lie all the time, so in my case not believing what I’m told is standard operating procedure. Partisan politics always figures as well – loyal Democrats believe everything the BHO administration says in the same way loyal Republicans believed everything the GWB administration said.

    You remember how many times you questioned invading Iraq and the response from a Repub was ‘so you just want Saddam to nuke us?’

    Same thing here.

    The administrations story may have been true when they first delivered it – or maybe the latest one is the truth, they keep tweaking it. At our level we’ll probably never know what the real truth is.

    • scaredstiff says:

      Krell and Oso, On the money once more. Maybe in 20 or 30 years the truth may come out. perhaps our friends at Wiki can come up with some truth.

      We had a friend yell at us and took us off his list on Facebook. The funny thing is I can’t just post to my wall anymore. Now I have to go through that capcha thing or whatever it’s called. I think some people reported me. Oh well!!

    • Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

      I’m with you here Oso, I think the time of ‘taking things for real or granted’ is long gone. Apathy on this subject is unacceptable to me. It is a symptom of a disease that spreads / or rolls downhill like shit / throughout a society gaining credibility simply by repetition.
      I refuse to be openly manipulated by my govt. Questions? I will keep asking! As many as possible. … and! provided level headed to outrageously crazy reasons why we should question it!
      Going on 12 years of such expansive manipulation by this govt has pushed my pissed off point to the limit.

  5. Norman says:

    Tim, that better?, if your so called friends dropped you from their list, wall, cubby, little black book, or what ever they call their closeness, (you can see I’m not a Twiddler, facebooker, my placer, or what ever those so called social media get togethers are called. If they are that thin skinned, then perhaps they weren’t true friends of yours after all. Some times we have to weed the garden, (no, not that weed), you know what I mean. Anyway, you still have us. Have a good one.

    • scaredstiff says:

      Isn’t great we can feel safe expressing our thoughts here. Kudos to all who participate, we all seem to leave the judgmental stuff in the dust.

  6. Norman says:

    Tim, You’re right, there is no reason to be judgmental, for we are all in this together. Those that can’t see that, well, that’s their problem. There’s no time to waste playing gotcha or what ever their motive might be, believe me, time is on the run, can’t waste it by looking at the trials & tribulations of the past, less we miss what’s coming up in front of us. I will say this, there seems to be a train wreck on the very near horizon.

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