Policy by Fear Terrorism by Neglect

“Fear is a tyrant and a despot, more terrible than the rack, more potent than the snake.”  Edgar Wallace

Americans have been afraid for a long, long time. We were frighten in the 1950’s when Joe McCarthy announced that there was 205 Communists serving in the State Department. We were frightened during the presidential election of 1962 with words like the “missile gap” when in reality at the time, the Soviets only had 4 working ICBM’s

We were afraid when thoughts of countries falling like dominoes was the reason given to be in Vietnam. We were afraid when Reagan announced the “Evil Empire” and started the Strategic Defense Initiative at the cost of several billion dollars.

We were afraid of the Soviets when they invaded Afghanistan so we formed a group to fight against them… the Mujahideen or as we  called them, “Freedom Fighters”. Lots of money, CIA training, and stinger missiles went their way.

After the Soviets got out of Afghanistan, we suddenly withdrew any kind of support as well. To the “Freedom Fighters” and their war ravaged country… you’re on your own.

After that came the horrific crime of September 11, 2001, committed by a well trained and financed small group. The effect on this country was immediate and profound, expanding the fear factor to an unlimited scale.

The aftermath of this is a never ending war on terror, a death toll that is probably around a million or so, and a Homeland Security agency that no knows exactly how big it’s gotten. Thousands of private contract companies scattered across the country and billions of dollars.

But has it reduced the fear? Does anyone feel safer? When 8 year old girls are frisked and terrified at the airport gates by TSA agents, do you feel any more secure from those scary foreigners?

Just as a thought, what do you think the effects would be in this country if a “dirty bomb” came over by boat and went off near the coastline contaminating thousands of square miles of coast? My opinion is that immediately afterwords, somewhere a country would be bombed to destruction. Hundreds of thousands of people would die. Schools, bridges, and roads would be blown to smithereens by our state of the art Air Force.

Or how about a cyber-attack on the financial system? What would our response be if somehow some terrorists attacked our networked financial system, causing the loss of a couple of trillion dollars of Americans hard earned savings? I think the resulting response from us would be essentially the same as with the dirty bomb” example. Blow them to small pieces and burn the rest with phosphor.

But the 2 examples listed above HAVE happened. In the Gulf of Mexico, when the BP well head exploded, it leaked hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil over several months. Then they poured huge amounts of toxic dispersant to break it up before it got to the surface. Granted, it was an accident but when there is lax policy at the MMA and oil drilling permits are granted like free coupons without much oversight, some culpability must go to the drillers and the regulators responsible.

The real problem one must ask is… has anything changed? If you have the exact same consequences of spoiling of ocean waters and coastline as if a dirty bomb went off and the first company that gets a drilling permit afterwords in the Gulf is BP, does that make it better? Are the rules that if a terrorist cause the damage and destruction, there is going to be hell to pay. But if a white capitalist causes the same thing, it will get over looked and possibly rewarded? Isn’t this terrorism by neglect?

If the consequences caused by the actions or in-actions of someone creates situations that are just as bad or even worse than any of the terrorist actions, why is that any better?

When the financial meltdown occurred because of the consequences of the gambling schemes of Wall Street, was there any extremists involved? Were there any Middle Eastern bombers involved in that one? But the damage to the country was extreme none the less. It has been years and a lots of people still have not recovered. Countless numbers of people… families lost their jobs and homes because of it.

Were there any repercussions from the actions of those that caused this calamity? No. They profited enormously from their acts. They even got more money from TARP to improve their reward.

Terrorism by neglect.

How many of us have heard of bridges collapsing or gas pipelines blowing up or some other infrastructure in this country failing lately? Every couple of months or so something usually fails and it’s so mundane it doesn’t make the news unless a large number of people die.Water treatment plants are scrounging for every dime and the street lights are being turned off in some cities because they can’t afford to keep them on.

Those items weren’t blown up by suicide bombers from far away lands or failed because of some hideous plot. Those items failed because they are 60 or 70 years old, about 40 years past their lifetime. Just gave out because they aren’t being replaced with new items.

Terrorism by neglect.

We are throwing so much resource at our fears that we are ignoring the consequences of our priorities.

This spiral of fear controlling our actions and swirling this country down the drain has to be stopped.

If not for us, let’s do it for our children.


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I used to have superpowers… but a therapist took them away.
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16 Responses to Policy by Fear Terrorism by Neglect

  1. osori says:

    Wow. I don’t know what to say, blown away by the concept. Terrorism by neglect-yes!

    The same consequences, yet opposite approaches. Waste money to kill innocent people, or ignore and let innocent people suffer. If we had responsible government existing for the public interest neither would have happened. No national security state on the one hand, sane regulation on the other.

    Brilliant, man.

    • Krell says:

      Billions of dollars spent to prevent the likes of the underwear bomber or the shoe bomber sure, but spend more money in making sure those people are safe from the abuses of corporates, not going to happen.

      Protect children from the supposed terrors of Islam but let them starve because the parents are out of work.

      The infrastructure of the country is in shambles, absolute shambles. Can you be assured that your children will have clean water in the future because the treatment is first rate? Can you be assured that their primary education will be first rate with teachers that get a decent pay.

      We got a first rate billion dollar hardware military to fight the demons overseas, but about 55 percent of children in my state have to get free lunches at school because their parents are too poor. For some, that may be the only meal they get during the day.

      The priorities are all screwed up. It’s like a person worried about keeping their socks dry while on the Titanic.

  2. Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

    ditto Oso.
    There are no excuses … if you can think with any kind of reciprocal awareness, then you may not stand on the side and bitch or ignore. You must act.
    Brilliant common sense.
    TY David. 🙂

  3. Norman says:

    Krell, You do have the gift, the one that keeps on giving. I believe there is a saying that goes something like this: “we have met the enemy, and it is us”, or something like that. I’m sure that you are aware that the C.I.A. created & financed the bin Laden enterprise, and I might add, is continuing to do so. The octopus is into everything, but as with every reaction that runs out of control, it’s starting to fall apart. Thanks for the enlightenment this sunny clear day by the bay. (aside from the nuclear fall out, that is)

    • Krell says:

      “Sunny days by the Bay” … wasn’t that a song by Otis Redding?

      It is way out of control and doesn’t seem to be letting up and correcting itself. Thank you for stopping by Norman.

  4. scaredstiff says:

    Fear has been a governing force since the beginning of time. The fear of Pain, Death, and God have all been used to control people. The invisible being will get you as he watches everything. Be good Santa is watching. Big Brother, big Government are to be feared as well. We as a country refined it to work for the select few. The very Rich! We do their bidding out of fear, hence the trickle down effect. I’d say more like we’re getting pissed on but hey that’s me. As you pointed out so eloquently, we are our own worst enemy. Loving this post Krell! I’ll be thinking about it for awhile.

    • Krell says:

      Tim, it seemed that there was a chance after the fall of the Soviet Empire of a dividend from military spending to correct some of the basic “foundation” problems in our house. But the spending on the war machine actually went up and the Soviets were replaced with another enemy.

      I not saying that we can’t have a capable defense in place for the country but we spend more than the whole world on our military expenditures. Surely we can make more than death?

  5. This is the Site of a Dear Advocated and Friend whose husband and Families came home ill and her fight for them her Name is Marci Clark and this is Gutwrenching.


    What have they done to our soldiers, they are dying of diseases that were once non existant. Now they to our Government are Collateral Damage. Thank You Marci, yes as a Marine Brat I am quite tired of the treatment of our Soldiers.


  6. jackjodell53 says:

    You are absolutely right. Fear often dictates our every move. Cynical, opportunistic, and evil men like Hitler, Stalin, McCarthy, and yes, even Cheney, Bush II, and Rumsfeld, use fear as a tool to manipulate the public so as to further their own twisted aims. Other more prudent men are more cautious and reactive (Churchill and Kennedy, for example). Fear is a powerful motivator and can also cause a nation to lose its reason. That is why we can never again allow radical neocons into power. They invariably lead us down roads where we don’t belong.

    • Krell says:

      Absolutely, Jack. But what I hope the post message conveyed is that not only fear manipulating our choices of foreign policy, it’s costing us dearly at home. We are literally falling apart at the seams and being held together by duct tape.

      Gas pipelines are way past their lifetime. Bridges made during the depression of the 20’s and 30’s are still in use today. Cross your fingers before you cross in your car.

      There are so many things that are suffering in this country. But draw attention to it and a certain percentage of the population shout out the “Love it or leave it” crap.

      If they loved it… they would damn well take care of it!

  7. Norman says:

    Krell. Been gone most of the day since posting. The song by Otis Redding was “sittin on the dock of the bay”, which was San Francisco bay. That was way back when, the Music seemed to flow from every direction, when Rock & Roll, Viet Nam, Tricky Dick, Protests, Anti-establishment, Love, Pot, LSD, and the beat went on. The Protests, they let the Government know that the population was tired of the crap, the war, the old ways. Where have all the children gone, long tyme passing? I don’t know how to mobilize the masses like that in today’s environment, but I believe that’s the only way that change can come about, if then, short of taking up arms. Change is coming, just don’t know which method will be used?

    • Krell says:

      There sure was a lot of good music back at that time! Creative stuff not just formula derived fluff, although there was some of that as well.

      The was huge amounts of protesting about the war in Vietnam but it seemed to just disappear afterwords. Maybe people were just tired of the whole thing… just worn out. For the life of me, I don’t know how we as a country survived the 60’s.

      From the Bay of Pigs and JFK, MLK, RFK assassinations to riots in the streets along with the atomic sword of Damocles over our heads.

  8. Jess says:

    We are out in the streets for the most part doing our protesting thing, in front of big banks, in front of our reps offices or in our reps offices being arrested but no one is talking about it. Now we are getting pushback by way of WI, MI,OH and so on. It isn’t unitl it affects “you” that things start changing. Things are changing, slowly, very slowly but I think the powers that be hit a nerve with going after some of the programs they want to go after and people are not willing to go along with that.

    I may start a generational thing here, but seems to me that “greatest generation and the boomers” some of them are just greedy bastards. We saw it last year with hands off my Medicare, because of giving out health care to those who need it, now the shoe is on the other foot, it’s still hands off but for way different reasons from some of them. No doubt the same ones that did not want everyone to have what they had.

    Taxes need to go up to at least where they were during the Big Dog’s presidency, since we were doing well there and we need to get the hell out of our desert adventures and start spending that money domestically. I read something the other day that we are #1(Fuck yeah, America!!!111!!!**) in defense spending, to the tune of roughly 600 billion right. The number 2 spot filled by China at roughly 110 billion, there is something WAY wrong with that right there, WAY wrong.
    ** There is now a shortage of exclamation points on the internets machine thingy, coz I used em all 🙂

    • Krell says:

      I really thank every generation is challenged in some way or another. The “Greatest Generation” certainly had a huge burden put on their shoulders with WWII.

      The “Baby Boomers” of which technically I am part of… last year as defined, seemed to want to change the world but the world seemed to be spinning too fast so they just concentrated on their own “world” around them. They seemed to drift off to keeping their youth appearance instead of using that youthful energy for change.

      Who was is that used to be part of the Yippie movement but dropped all that and concentrated more on a fat portfolio of money? Because of him, the word Yippie was changed to Yuppie.

      Anyway, every generation has it’s bad and greedy assholes. Just like dandelions in the yard, always there. It’s the conditions, rules, and attitudes of the leadership that allows it to thrive or not.

    • osori says:

      No argument re: Greedy Bastards for many among the Greatest/Boomer generations, Jess.

      Can’t speak for all your generation, but far as you and my two IRL kids go – you are exactly what’s needed!

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