Bemusement, I don’t think so

Bemusement, I don’t think so

I find myself once more in an awkward position. I don’t particularly think President Obama is doing a very good job. That being said, although I’m quite critical of his Decisions and Policies, I find I’m always put in the position of defending him as a man.

Even in my personal life it comes up almost daily, that some mook in the area I live talks, bad about the Man. I could be getting a haircut, riding a bus, eating lunch or just interacting with other people and the talk of the “nigger” comes up. The word sends shivers down my frail spine. It’s most offensive to me!

While growing up in a neighborhood that was mixed with all kinds of people with diversified backgrounds, I would be astonished that African Americans would call each other that name. It made me bristle and recoil. I didn’t like it even then and found that the word had way to much power. Now you have a little insight into what makes me tick.

To be quite honest here, I’m ashamed of the way we’re treating Obama as a Man. Like I’ve said, fine disagree with how he’s doing at his job. I get it! There are plenty of things I could point out that I feel he’s failing us on. What I’ve known before he was even elected is that there is a very large segment that just won’t accept a person of color to be in charge. Yes, our leader.

It’s been framed in so many different ways by the right wing and some others that he is not one of us. What that means is he’s not white and one of the good old boys. If you doubt that, take a look at how he’s been treated. Let’s see, they claimed he wasn’t eligible to be President because he wasn’t born “here.” He is a Muslim! Bill Ayers wrote his books for him. No one knew him growing up. Oh and he bypassed white folk getting into college. That damn affirmative action thing. After all he is a real Manchurian Candidate. Funny when asked, the mooks have no idea what a Manchurian Candidate is or where that term came from. Of course all this is just their way of saying I want my country back. Now we know from who they want it back from, Blacks, those people.

Briefly, I’ll go into the make up of those people who are the real haters. They’re cowards. Weak minded simpletons, who are afraid of their own shadows. Change sends them into withdrawal. So sad really as these fears and hate of past generations keep developing today. I had hoped it would have died out years ago. Like the song says, “teach your children well”. We’ll enjoy it while you can, in a few more years white people will be the minority. Maybe at some time in the future, we’ll have to show you our papers. So the Trumps, of the World are despicable and really should be called out for what they are. Freaks of mind.

Many have said including me, why didn’t he just show his damn long form birth certificate. This would have silenced his haters. I then thought about it. I ponder these things for days if not weeks. The conclusion I came up with is why should he have had to. No other Candidate has ever had to. Once more, he’s our President, and we’re still asking to see his papers because he’s not good enough to be one of us. We’ll teach that “uppity nigger”. No matter what he’ll never be one of us. Being that Obama is a man, I wonder what he tells his friends and family about having to be slapped in the face. That’s what this is, a slap in the face. People of color through out our History have had to show their papers. For the love of justice, they still are on a huge scale in Arizona. It was bad enough he had to show his “papers” earlier in the campaign. I really don’t remember Hillary having to show hers. I think if it were me being slapped in the face this way, I would have not shown my papers at all. What a disgrace to have to. I realize why he did. Media has gone nuts about the Donald chasing windmills. Please can we just tell the Donald, you’re fired, once and for all.

When Obama was elected, I was very proud as a people we came this far. I never thought it would happen in my life. When the true feelings of the mooks started coming out, as in the teaparty exhibits and town halls, It made me think that this was just an anomaly. I voted for Obama. I want him to succeed for many reasons, for him, us and the whole world. When people, networks, politicians, haters in general claim the stage, we need to revolt and tell the media, cut the shit. This is not news and your doing nothing but perpetuating the agenda of rich white Kochs of the world. This may give you an insight as to how Barrack Obama feels having to show his papers. The President said he was a bit bemused at all the attention his birth certificate was getting. I wasn’t bemused at all, I was disappointed once more in people.


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23 Responses to Bemusement, I don’t think so

  1. Jess says:

    I just got through telling one of my classmates a few minutes ago that was going on and on about this being a fake and his dad being from the country of Africa, so he is really a dual citizen that is not qualified. After I got through calling him a racist motherfucker and explaining once Africa is not, has never been and will never be a country, I went on to tell him, know what asswipe(oh and we are getting teaching credentials in this class if that helps) the only fuckin thing that needs to be sorted by color is laundry and only so it doesn’t bleach the darks and blends the whites to be pink. He was not amused by my wit and I probably won’t be allowed in his group this afternoon for a presentation, yeah he threatened me with that nonsensical crap. Oh well, I’ll just have to find a corner of the room and log on to the internets machine thingy for my amusement.

    • osori says:

      props vkid.

      • Jess says:

        I’m banished to a corner of the room as I type this right now. Currently watching The Daily Show that I missed last night and I’ll watch Colbert after that. I know how to have fun all by myself , well the internets machine thingy helps too 🙂

        • Jess, I am half hispanic so I can ‘pass’ for white, which I don’t but it explains the following: When people around me start up w/the racist shit, I come unglued and I refuse to sit silently and allow them to pump their racism into the same air I am breathing.

          My husband aka The Ball n Chain used to frequent a bar for over twenty years. He has stopped because he is uncomfortable with alll the racist speech since Obama was elected.

          He is also afraid that some redneck mofo is gonna take a swing at me when I start going off on someone for something racist they have spouted off and think it’s hilarious.

          The final straw for him was when an ‘old friend’ asked him if he knew he had married a wetback, seeing as how I didn’t look mexican. He didn’t say a word to the guy, but he stood up, and told me it was tiime to leave and he hasn’t been back since. It took me awhile to get the reason out of him for why he no longer went to that bar.

          To this day, he refuses to tell me which ‘old friend’ said it as he fears I will go there and open up a can of whoopass on the asshole. He knows me so well. 😉

          This place called Bakersfield is so full of racists, you can’t swing a republican by his little finger without hitting one..I swear to Buddha.

  2. osori says:

    I think there are two reasons for this – one is the obvious racist reason of painting BHO as “other” and appealing to the most base instincts. As you point out, someone else did his work for him or Affirmative Action (worked for me though) got him into school.

    The other reason is the Right cannot attack the president on the issues-because he has consistently delivered center-right Republican policy. They can’t very well say he’s doing what they were gonna do-even their braindead base would see the contradiction there. So they make up imaginary socialist policy and a non-existent radical left agenda, mix it with the racist birther nonsense and voila!

    Teabagger talking points.

  3. Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

    I tell y’all what: GOLDIE TAYLOR. She be my hero-ine. VEry much so. I don’t know if this link will work… but hey slip on over to Rachel Maddow for last night’s wrap up piece. Stunning truth. Nice job Tim.

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

  4. scaredstiff says:

    Gwen, I saw that video on Goldie. I don’t think one can improve on that. It cut to the real core problem. I had included it but it was already in Dusty’s post so I removed it.
    It’s still one piece over at my spot. I’m starting to get my pissed back.

  5. scaredstiff says:

    Jess, I think the class should start listening to you.

    Oso, Brother you know I think Obama sucks as President. I always seem to fall into the trap of having not to defend his policies but him as a man. To have to defend someone you can’t abide is hard to do. Damn that Trump for making me do this. lol

    • osori says:

      I hear ya man. Guess it’s part of our principles y’know? Cuts both ways. Separates us from the party loyalists who only go one way.

    • Jess says:

      Without going into too much personal detail, something not very nice happened to me a few weeks ago, and my personality has changed a little bit, because of it and my way of dealing with it. I have become more than a little less tolerant of the crap people like this throw out. Where before I would be calm and cerebral trying to talk sense to someone, after what happened to me, I have decided to embrace this quite dark side of my personality up to a point and let loose when people like this decide to haul off and be stupid. It’s not a violent side but it is a more aggressive side than I am used to but it sure as hell is fun.

  6. Mycue says:

    You don’t have to defend the President. He knew what was coming when he ran for the job and certainly he knew what was coming when he got the job. You see the whole mixed race thing is bullshit. For the 10% of Americans who can only see color, it doesn’t matter what % of anything is, they know a nigger when they see one. And to them a nigger can’t possibly have something they don’t have unless he stole it or someone gave it to him unfairly. But the President knew what he was getting in to. He has lived it his whole life. Just as most people of color have lived with the stares, the innuendo, the comments, the prejudices, and the outright lies of ignorance, for their entire lives. So has the President. So don’t cry for him Argentina (or Tim), the truth is that this is what it means to be a minority in this country (only writ large). You either learn to live with it, or it destroys you. The President learned to live with it a long time ago and believe he has made his peace with it.

    • Mycue, As a minority I have to say I don’t buy into your line: the truth is that this is what it means to be a minority in this country (only writ large). You either learn to live with it, or it destroys you. I have never just ‘lived with it’ and it hasn’t destroyed me either. I confront racism every chance I get, and I refuse to allow people to vent their racism publicly. If someone wants to be a hater, bigot, whatever..they can do it in the privacy of their own friggin house. Calling them out usually embarrasses them I have found and only a few rare occasions has it resulted iin some asshole saying he or she was gonna kick my ass..because when they did say response is: Bring it on bastard..lets see how much karma I can beat you to a pulp with.

      • Mycue says:

        That is certainly one way to handle it. But I don’t think that the President would have reached his current position if he chose to handle it that way. I’m sorry for leaving out that option. You can of course, chose to fight as loudly as you can against any of the ignorance that you see or experience.

        • It’s hard to say what Obama did when he was a child and was confronted with hate and racism. As a young child I would cry and run and ask my mom why people were so mean to me simply because of my heritage. She is the one that told me never to take it, to fight it..hopefully just verbally ‘fight’ it, she then said. 😉

          100 years ago, people of color took all the hate and racism thrown at them. MLK gave most of us the courage of our convictions to stand up to such crap as bigotry and racism.

          Jackie Robinson took it, all of it. I have respect for him like no other, because he had to take it as the first non-white baseball player in the majors. Branch Rickey picked Robinson because he knew he was intelligent enough to deal with all the abuse he was going to receive as the first African American in major league baseball.

    • scaredstiff says:

      McCue, Thanks..I learn something everyday. I may not like what it is I learned but I embrace it and move on.

  7. BTW Tim, I really enjoyed this post..thank you for sharing. 😉

  8. Tim,
    You have done an excellent job characterizing the ignorant, intolerant, stubborn, racist, fearful, downright dumb conservative American. It is a sad indictment on rhis country that as many people fit the description you’ve made really still exist today. Only in this so-called land of the dree. That’s why I am the American Dissident.

    • scaredstiff says:

      Jack, Thanks Man. I spent some time in Biloxi when I was a kid. The things I saw made me cringe. I had so hoped that we as a people, nation would progress some in the last 50 years. So often I’m disappointed. The crazies have taken over the stage.

  9. scaredstiff says:

    Dusty the baseball analogy is perfect. However we choose to fight racism is a personal choice. I guess the importance thing is we challenge it in whatever way we can.

  10. Beach Bum says:

    I find myself in a funny and awkward position concerning the president. I never for a minute expected the man to fix the cluster fuck the United States has become in his first term much less overnight. The size and scope of the problems we face and the entrenched interests that have positioned themselves to take advantage of them makes fixing anything damn near impossible. Making things worse are the useful fools (Marching Morons) that believe the fate of the nation hangs in the balance if something as simple as gay marriage of environmental responsibility is brought up. These Morons are dedicated and very vocal giving the impression of a far greater power that cower spineless politicians and media types.

    However, Obama has underwhelmed me on taking the bully pulpit and the fight to these idiots who see his aversion to “drama” as weakness. Another issue is his apparent love of the celebrity life. I was enraged last year after he flew down to the Gulf for just a few hours during the worst of the BP oil spill, never talking to any of the locals, and then got back on Air Force One to rush back to Washington to catch Paul McCarthy giving a personal concert to him and his family.

    I will not even begin to speak about the Bush-like stupidity of becoming involved in the Libya shit.

    As far as the racism and hate Obama is facing I have been forced to face the fact it isn’t some relic of a more primitive age but something almost engraved in the DNA of the people who express it. The bizarre thing is that I work around many of these people and while they can literally have an African-American as a close friend when it comes to one holding power they freak out and amongst each other speak of all the old racist fears that types like the Klan and Nazis spoke of years ago.

  11. scaredstiff says:

    Beach Thanks for your insight on this. I hold on to one thought, the times they are a changing.. just not fast enough for me I guess.

  12. Krell says:

    The whole “birther” thing is a big disappointment to me because it shows once again how the crazy right can set the stage of political debate. Everything from “Swift Boaters” to birth certificates.. constantly putting the Democrats on the eventual defensive.

    Is this just indicative of the dogmatic ignorance of the crazy right? What was the point of showing the certificate? There were stories of it being faked out there in blog land even before the news conference was over. You are never going to convince those people of anything different. They have way too much time and ranting invested.

    Good post, Tim.

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