Where do you draw the line?

What is an acceptable amount of third world deaths?

Democratic party loyalists are okay with the amount of people killed in drone attack thus far. Over one million dead in Iraq in a war Obama regularly voted to fund is still blamed on his predecessor, because Bush’s support of the war was thought to be based on intent whereas Obama’s support was political expediency. From the perspective of partisan Democrats the latter is somehow less obscene.

Afghan, Pakistani and Palestinian deaths remain at tolerable levels.

I included a photo of a little girl in Gaza in this post. Would her death be one too many for partisan Democrats to accept? Would it at last cause them to oppose the Democratic party’s obeisance to Israel and the war machine? Would one more death make them oppose war the way they opposed it under the Bush regime?

Should white phosphorus burn this beautiful child to death, would her pain and terror, would the suffering and anger of her parents be any less because we have a Democrat in the Oval Office? Why is the war opposition so lauded under Bush seen as divisive when the president is a Democrat? Why do some even intimate working for peace is now motivated by racism?

Partisan Democrats now oppose any mention of peace or social justice for fear those core liberal values they once believed in may alienate independent voters. In order to defeat Republicans they are willing to become Republicans. It’s a slippery slope, the selling of one’s soul.

How many must die before the topic of war rejoins the dialog? How many more jobs must be lost, how many more tortured, how many more die due to lack of affordable health care?

where does one draw the line?


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17 Responses to Where do you draw the line?

  1. Krell says:

    Do you suppose the parents of this little girl are going to care if there was a Democrat or Republican in power if she is killed by a drone attack? Would you?

  2. Norman says:

    osori, you, my good man, are full of these pearls. You have another good post today. Is it just a mater of time before the pilots of these drones mistake those on the U.S./Mexicon border for drug/gun runners, and blow the shit out of some family, especially one American driving their big motor home near that same border? But then, that’s what they call collateral damage. I wonder, if the American family were McCain, Kyl, who ever, would there be any wails thrown up?

    • osori says:

      Thank you Norman! I’m full of something these days anyway 🙂

      I hadn’t thought of the border, but that is absolutely spot on! Yes I imagine an American family might bring some wails-depending on the media of course!

  3. Jess says:

    Well me myself and I, drew the line this year at paying taxes. I have still not paid what I owe to the feds and I’m not sure I will. Paid the state taxes, but I’m sick of my fed money going to fund wars, abstinence programs, faith based initiatives, and so on, so I chose to break the law. I know I will get some blowback but frankly I’m tired of my money going to things I don’t believe in and this is my way of saying screw it, no more.

    • oso says:

      Thank you for what you’ve done, and for being a good person. I think your ‘rentals did good, but there was a lot of good to start with.

  4. jackjodell53 says:

    It is overdue that we bring our troops and weapons home and end this disgusting murder for the benefit of the military industrial complex once and for all. This murder for profit kick we’re on is indefensible!

  5. Jess says:

    D’oh stupid Jess. I totally forgot to link to the website where I got the info for the civil disobedience I participated in, with probably thousands of others. You know, just in case there are like minded individuals that might want it among your readers here. I chose not to pay a single cent of what I owed them.


  6. scaredstiff says:

    Oso I think you know where I stand on this. 100% with you. I perhaps I am more extreme. With Bush, we knew he was F**ked up and would start a war at the drop of a hat. With Obama many people bought into the hope change bullshit. I was one of them.
    So for me Obama is worse because he was elected under false pretense. He’s nothing more than a Republican in sheep’s clothing. Maybe if Obama had to look someone in the eye and then pull a trigger he would get how personal death is. How dare he do this in our name..

  7. Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

    It depresses and it tells you… we have really lost our way. We are not, as Americans, who our parents taught us we were. Not the just and protective… we create war for fuel and then we neglect our People and Home to profit global corporations. *Gulf reference there* You have to wonder when some Rethug or Dem will begin to suggest military intersession with US? Our communities? There is condoned “marshal fiscal law” in MI. WTF is that? Marshal fiscal law? And no one is stopping it? It’s nasty out there. We have to keep the conversations going… thank you Bro, for your wonderfully told stories of humanity being abused and plundered. By us? geesh. Makes me think I should dab blood around my thresholds….. ya know?

  8. Stimpson says:

    I think the United States “lost its way” many decades ago. It thought nothing of overthrowing a peaceful monarchy in Hawaii in the 1890s on behalf of U.S. business interests, or murdering and torturing people in the Philippines a couple years later, or overthrowing Central American governments in the 21st century’s first 60 years for U.S. banana magnates. Many lives were snuffed out in those coups, and the people of the United States hardly spoke up at all against it.

  9. John Myste says:

    Partisan Democrats now oppose any mention of peace or social justice for fear those core liberal values they once believed in may alienate independent voters. In order to defeat Republicans they are willing to become Republicans.

    This is a beautifully said; so well put that I will ignore the unfair characterization of Israel completely.

    You are very versatile and well-round. I guess I what I really mean to say is two things. 1. You are round, sir. 2. You have many shapes.

  10. John Myste says:

    Let’s try, well-rounded, not well-round.

  11. Marcus Piper says:

    Well stated. I have been having an online conversation about this very issue, with an active duty military officer, about when is enough, enough. He seemed to agree that a 10-1 civilian death to “bad guy” death was too much. How much more to invest in lives of US forces, civilians, and money for the mission, was the essence of the debate. He says, stay the course and finish the job. I believe all have lost enough.

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