Rezdog Pundit on loyal Democrats and lessons learned from Wisconsin

Lyndon Johnson’s 61.1% to 38.5% over Barry Goldwater in the 1964 popular vote and FDR’s 523 to 8 electoral college landslide over Alf Landon in 1936 are the Democratic party’s two biggest victories ever.

Scott Walker’s election in Wisconsin may prove to be an even bigger victory for the Democrats.

In the view of partisans, Walker won because significant numbers of Democrats stayed home on election day; by inference the blame for the governor’s union busting tactics lies with these stay-at-home voters. This unpropitious circumstance is seen as an abject lesson to party loyalists – vote Democrat or bad things will happen. It has also given partisans a new enemy – collaborators within the ranks. Mix the lesson and the enemy, throw in a little fear, shake it up and voila ! You get the reason the Democrats won big in Wisconsin. Let me address these two peculiarities then briefly explain why it was a victory.

The Enemy.

Any list of liberal values would certainly include peace and social justice. Some of the rank and file may view these issues with more urgency than others; those exhibiting a sense of urgency might be viewed as too idealistic, yet few would disagree that peace and social justice  have a place in liberal dogma.

Until Wisconsin.

Following Wisconsin, those liberals voicing opposition to the administration’s continued and expanding military roles are no longer considered idealistic. Party loyalists now consider opposition to the administration’s wars to be divisive, indeed those not on board with the president’s war efforts are considered by some partisans to be working on behalf of the Republican party. Peace is a worthwhile pursuit only if a Republican holds the executive.

The same “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” mantra applies to social justice as well. Criticism of policy favoring the F.I.R.E. sector over job creation is unacceptable; failure to be enthusiastic enough over a health insurer bailout masquerading as affordable health care will “out” one as either an Obama basher or a Palin supporter. One not marching in lockstep is no longer an individualist, party loyalists now regard dissent as virtual treason.

The Lesson.

Simple truth – people get off their couches and vote when they see something in it for themselves. A political party that ignores its base until it needs their votes risks alienating all but the most enthusiastic among its supporters. Yet when voters in 2010 didn’t flock to the polls to vote Democrat, partisans didn’t see this as a party failure and chastise the leadership – instead they blamed the alienated voters for not accepting yet another round of empty promises. The lesson learned by partisan’s from Wisconsin is this – the Democratic Party does not exist to serve its members, it’s members exist to serve the Democratic Party.

So why is Wisconsin a massive victory for the Democratic leadership?

Simple. They no longer have to do anything. Anything at all. Party loyalists will gladly accept whatever swill the party leadership chooses to ladle over their prostrate bodies. Their fear of Republicans is total, their derision and contempt for those with principle is absolute, their fawning adoration and Stockholm Syndrome deference is complete. Like fundamentalist Christians in a revival tent, they shout Hallelujah as their pockets are picked.

Get off your knees. You’re pathetic.


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Too old to know better.
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15 Responses to Rezdog Pundit on loyal Democrats and lessons learned from Wisconsin

  1. Norman says:

    osori, I do believe your spot on this morning. Gosh, it must be flowing in the veins. Spread the word, for that’s how we shall overcome. This fight is for the survival of what we hold near & dear, of which we can’t quit just because we take some knocks. I do believe that the American spirit lives within us all here, that when pushed as we are being pushed today, even by our so called Democratic allies, that we have to push back, lest we become the servants of the plutocracy that’s taking over the country with the politicians blessing. We may be up against the wall today, so to speak, but with determination, dedication, we will fight back. The true enemy isn’t found outside the country, but inside, the real terrorists are right here, doing their damnedest to subject the will of the people without firing a shot.

  2. osori says:

    Thank you first for reading, and thank you for your comment. “Doing their damndest to subject the will of the people without firing a shot” is what we face, but we also have people like yourself who have the strength of will to understand and the resolve to triumph. It gives me hope.
    Keep your fighting spirit alive, Norman. I’m glad you’re here with us, on our site and in the larger struggle!

  3. Krell says:

    Oso, what a fucking brilliant analysis!! You have nailed it to the wall! The Democratic party merely has to illuminate the possibility of non-support and demand allegiance.

    Forming a consensus and platform by taking in varied viewpoints is NOT EVEN IN THE PICTURE ANYMORE for the Democratic party. You always expected the Republicans to have the smoke filled back room deal making but the Democrats have dropped the illusion as well. In a sense, why even have democratic conventions? You got the Obama packaged deal, baby, like it or leave it.

    Any words against this complete marketed Obama Happy Meal and you’re worst of the worst. A traitor that gets the likes of Scott Walker or Trump elected. Doesn’t matter what Obama does… he could drone strike Kansas City and the cause would be that he was hoodwinked in negotiations or some other lameness..

    I’m going to be re-reading this post several times today. It’s one of the greats!

    • osori says:

      Krell, thank you so much-you gave me the idea though!

      It really seems fear is working to crush all the party stood for. Commitment is conflated with apathy, if it’s not commitment to the party line. And we as a party have now become the elitists the Right always said we were.

  4. Teeluck says:

    Shit…Where the fuck have I been??

  5. Stimpson says:

    Yep, that’s the attitude: If you don’t stand with Obama and everything he’s done, you stand with the Rethugs; you either accept the swill being served and make no criticism of it, or you deserve whatever toxic soup the other guys might dish out. Many of the people who take that attitude must surely know better, but it seems they’ll never be honest enough to admit it’s not so simple.

    I concur with David and Norman. Excellent work, Oso. Happy Earth Day.

  6. scaredstiff says:

    I’m proud to be an Obama antagonist. Like you intimated, once upon a time dissension was considered American. Now I’m putting the God Child in jeopardy. So be it! I didn’t like Bush so why the hell would I support Obama. Like you’ve written, who really is the traitor to the Party? Me or Obama?

  7. Jess says:

    Oooh but this is some fierce writing. This coming from a “sanctimonious purist, whiny democrat” or some such, me I mean wanting my sparkly rainbow farting unicorn and being upset when it only farts and I don’t get the rainbow, I should be happy with that. If I wanted republican policies I would vote for a damn republican.

  8. Oso,
    You have correctly identified what is wrong with the Democratic Party. It has stopped delivering for the regular person and since Bill Clinton has been flirting with corporatists. All of this underscores the urgent need for a very strong PEOPLE’S PARTY faction to flood the party and set it straight, back to the responsive, labor-oriented party it was in our youth, when it could and DID deliver overwhelmingly progressive majorities to Congress. We MUST fight on and take it back from these corrupted and weak Blue Dog Republican-lite types!

  9. Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

    Well here’s the thing… these ARE the sentiments of some very very enthusiastic, delegate kind of Dems *namely your truly* who has been shut of the Dems and their leader since the death of The Gulf. I was wandering away prior… but that sealed it. I am of a show me state of mind and I hardly think this admin can come up to mustering it prior to the election…. save this:
    Dear Mr. President!
    Put the torturing Republican bastards who did that on trial and shut them away when they are found guilty…set the precedent. Free Bradley Manning. Put the 911 terrorists on trial in NYC.
    Begin proceedings against BP in the Justice Dept. / Suspend all offshore drilling… and while you’re at it…stop the fracking. Hold BP to paying the Gulf families and businesses *like you promised you would*. Fund solar & wind farms offshore (it’s the only sanity left for the territory – fishing and harvesting are DEAD). Send the CDC into the Gulf states to begin medically treating the people / children dying from the Corexit Gulf Disease.
    Extend unemployment for the now 99-er + folks coming into that territory. People have forgotten about the unemployed! Address them~! Let them know people care.
    Take action against these Rethug Gov. fucktards who suspend our liberty’s and show some conviction, courage and hold to your original campaign promises … even if you are shot down doing so.
    There are NO STRATEGIES with the Corporate Whores. The keep going towards smack and no compromises at all. Show some character…. tell ’em to kiss your ass. Make this start and I’ll campaign again.
    With enthusiasm.
    This is EARTH DAY. And this President is not up to the challenge of Earth Day priorities. He has let down the base of liberals. It’s not about GOP / Democrats … there are too many corporate whores on both sides. *though the GOP demands it for funding you to run* We must stand against it all. Shouldn’t we?

    Oso, dude. How you talk! Wonderful. 🙂

  10. myrtlebitch says:

    What a sanctimonious, disingenuous, self-congratulatory, pompous, etc., etc., etc.,

    Anger and aggression disguised as analysis. You need help buddy.

    • osori says:

      Thank you for reading anyway – can’t afford help, since your president destroyed any chance we had for affordable healthcare though.

    • Krell says:

      You may not agree with his opinion but intelligent debate requires more than name calling. Debate or discussion requires a well thought out and communicated viewpoint or it’s just a waste of time.

      Unfortunately, your comment doesn’t even qualify as a well thought out and completed sentence. Maybe you could come back when you have something intelligent to add to the discussion beyond …etc, etc, etc? Perhaps you could add a… blah, blah, blah?

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