On April 20th 2010,  off the coast of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, near 9 PM on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig platform an explosion ripped open the night as it climbed furiously up from a well in bathos and out onto the metal decks of the oil rig.  11 men were killed, or some claim, murdered by corporate greed and neglect.  Spew of an estimated 200 million gallons of crude oil mixed with the highly toxic Corexit chemical fanned out towards the shorelines of Gulf states with deathly capacity.  It lasted for a heart stopping, ecoshattering 87 days.  The Gulf Coast hasn’t been the same since and the multilevel impacts of the event keep extending beyond economic and environmental… along with several species of wild and sea life,  people are dying.   The Project Gulf Impact group rallied a walk – a – thon to DC last month.  Their message is no less diminished because the walk has been completed.

Daily now, baby dolphins, miniature seahorses, sea turtles, two species of sea coast birds, and much of the bathos *sea bottom* of the Gulf of Mexico is covered in crude oil and poison called corexit, a chemical outlawed in every other country.  Mr. Obama allowed this to be used, even as the EPA commanded Admiral Allen to stop using it.   Mr. Obama’s White House suppresses the finding of evidentury science of wild life deaths, watershed spoiling, fishing industry collapsing and the health of the people along the Gulf shorelines and boardering estuaries.   “Many Gulf Coast residents’ lives have been changed by the BP spill — whether through lost jobs, health woes, marred property values, or otherwise. And while a cumbersome system has been put in place to pay out claims made by impacted residents, it by no means will right all the wrongs imparted upon the region over the course of the spill. Some residents are justifiably upset that more hasn’t been done to hold BP accountable for its negligence. One such resident is Cherri Foytlin, who gained prominence when she passionately called for Obama to back to the Gulf and pay closer attention to the spill and its victims. After he failed to heed her call, Foytlin joined up with Project Gulf Impact to draw attention to the continued suffering in the region — together, they set out to march from Louisiana to Washington DC. On foot.”

We must all make a choice as to where we stand.  Are we willing to allow ourselves to be manipulated by political corporate prostitutes who have been given carte blanche to usurp the citizen’s and the nation’s rights and laws?  It’s time to act up, reach out, demonstrate… do what you have to and what you are able to!  And, voting for a third party candidate is not “giving” the Presidency away to “conservatives”.  The lesser of two evils’ is still evil.  We deserve better.  We deserve a fighter.  The Gulf of Mexico and her People deserve all the help they can get to recover what they might.  Speak out. SPEAK OUT!  Contact your Reps, your Senators, your Governor, the Leadership.   We all deserve better.  Our planet is dying.  Corporate Earth will have us digging, drilling, dumping, dying… dying … dying… for their profits until we stop them.  Count on it. 


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18 Responses to One Year After – OUR GULF OF MEXICO

  1. osori says:

    Damn Gwen. I can’t add much, the pic of the dolphin breaks my heart.Fuck!
    It hurts, it tears at something deep within me to see it, it’s a microcosm of all that has gone wrong.

  2. Stimpson says:

    Yes, something’s very wrong here. Mostly it’s that humans won’t acknowledge that they are abusing their planet and need to shape up.

  3. Norman says:

    As “O” announced his $1 Billion reelection campaign war chest want prior to this past give away, he let it be known that everything was for sale, so, $1 Billion’s gets x#of stuff, and reelecting him, gets what ever else they want. The choice is yours, either elect a strong person who will stand up for the American people or start the Revolution. I made a comment earlier about a little revolution now and then was a good thing, to which I was referring to the Russian Revolution, though I think some thought it was in regards to something out of Haiti.

    • Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

      Norman… I would say we need a Democratic Revolt. Who says a 3rd party candidate won’t win? Too many say ‘lesser evil’ in choosing Obama. I just talked to folks who needed him desperately and he failed them, too. The Gulf of Mexico is dead. And the world will be feeling it in the next couple of years. Thanks man, for stoppin’ by … AND for the reminder that a little revolt is a good thing! 🙂

  4. scaredstiff says:

    Just a note here, Corexit if you remember was a mystery to all. No one new what was in it. Hell it was hard to find anything about it. Although it was used in many other oil spills before hand. Well I did the research and found that two types of corexit were used. One was worse than the other. I found the MSDS sheets on both and sent it around to the people in need. In postings I also pointed out if I could find them, that meant we were being lied to. This little detail made me suspicious of the whole government involvement to this day. Thanks for keeping all this fresh. This is a national disgrace that’s still happening.

  5. Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

    Tim, working with essential oils, I’m very familiar with MSDS data… also the Certificate of Analysis … I’ve had to come up with them for sweetgrass and white sage. You’re right… two kinds were used. If you didn’t listen…. I did a show tonight with Gulf folks… it’s a good listen, I think. Lots of important info.

    Oso, ta Bro! yes, and Dr. Cake says the baby dolphins are embryos being still born. The Gulf is a dead zone. Dead gods.

    Guys… it’s a year this week. We need to bang the drum! Hugely!

    • scaredstiff says:

      Gwen, I know your familiar with them as David may be and Oso.
      The point is our Government lied to us saying they didn’t know what was being used as a dispersant or what was in the secret ingredients. If I and others could find the information, I would have to say our own Government should have come up with it to. Right from the start there was collusion between BP and the Administration in my book.

  6. Jack Jodell says:

    I am disgusted, as you are, with the turn of events in Washington. I am even more disgusted with corporate greed and the way it motivates people to do despicably evil things. I share that young mother’s passion and I am ready to fight.

  7. Krell says:

    The accident was bad enough, if accident is the proper term here because of the lack of oversight and proper safety precautions.

    But a person cannot even say that it’s gotten any better. There is not one thing in place that prevents the same thing from happening again. Whenever there is a huge disaster like this one, more effort is put on controlling the information and media than is spent trying to correct the circumstances that caused the problem.

    The pictures and words that you present, Gwen… it breaks the heart. Almost like we don’t even deserve to be on this planet with the way we treat it. Slice it up, tear it up, treat it like something to be sold for whoever takes it. Damn shame.

  8. Trisha Springstead RN MS says:

    Sent to Congress also. Like they give a shit.

    TO: The Surgeon General and all Affiliates or To you Assholes who do not Give a Fuck

    FROM: Trisha Springstead, RN

    DATE: April 13, 2011:


    I am a registered nurse licensed in Florida. I trained in medicine at Loma Linda University, UCSB, and Riverside State College. I have over 36 years experience in the medical field in a myriad of specialties and have been clinical educator and administrator for two HMA Hospitals. My husband Richard W. Springstead is an MD and has seen a few of these patients with me. He is an orthopaedic Surgeon with 35 years and a Graduated from Emory College of Medicine. He has listened to me talk to these patients and is willing to help but in order to start up a clinic we need assistance for these patients. Richard and I both have taken the Certification Courses from Metametrix Clinical Labs in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Since the beginning of the Deepwater Horizon oil blowout disaster I have been working with patients from the Gulf States that are demonstrating a wide variety of serious symptoms of toxic chemical exposure and poisoning. I currently have over 200 families reporting to me. These families are terribly ill. They have shortness of breath, horrific skin lesions, neurological impairments, and short term memory loss. Their immune systems have been highly compromised, they are bleeding from every orifice, bruising is occurring spontaneously, their lung capacities are declining and their hearts are enlarging. Most are financially so broke that they can not even begin to afford the necessary testing for VOC’s or PAHs, let alone treatment. This truly is a public health crisis that urgently needs to be addressed.

    Metametrix Clinical Laboratory is the lab of choice for these people and we are begging for doctors and funding to be able to help these people. Many of them are going to
    die quickly, and are dying from undiagnosed poisoning. I assume because there is no insurance coding for “chemical poisoning,” that this is one of the key reasons they are being misdiagnosed with the flu, or mycoplasmic pneumonia, delusional, due to short term memory loss and confusion from elevated hexane levels, and Polyaromatic Hydrocarbon levels (from exposure to water, air and the vicarious spraying of Corexit.) Without a defined insurance codes, the doctors can not bill the insurance companies and be reimbursed for their work.

    From the blood test results we have seen, the levels of Hexane in bloods samples is creeping up to the 95th percentiles in the population I’ve been seeing, indicating that the air quality in this area is contributing to the demise of the health of the local population. One of our dearest friends and friends, Lisa Nelson, was a lovely young woman in her 30’s. She died two weeks ago. All indications are that it was as a direct result of exposure to Corexit on the beach last September. I personally know of approx 20 other people who have died or whose deaths are imminent. These people are scared, have families and children who are also becoming ill as the air becomes warmer.

    A large number of the people I am seeing were oil cleanup response workers for the Deepwater Horizon and they are now very ill. Per my observations, they are consistently being misdiagnosed by ERs, medical clinics and hospitals. In addition to the lack of the reimbursement insurance coding issue, few doctors and others in the medical profession are educated in Environmental Medicine and this is exacerbating the situation.

    From numerous first-hand reports I have received, the spraying of the toxic chemical dispersant called Corexit goes on to this day on the beaches and open waters. This is completely unacceptable and must be stopped. I have been told by about over 1OO of the patients reporting to me, that they witnessed Corexit (being sprayed from a boat, a plane and I have my own first-hand experience of watching planes spraying at night in Applachacola and Panama City.
    I would be happy to testify to the above statements and can provide more detailed information, if it is needed (within the legal framework of patient confidentiality laws).


    Trisha Springstead, RN MS

    • Krell says:

      I am going to make it a point that as many people that I can see your letter. Thank you for your effort and thank you for commenting in this post. You and similar efforts by other people is going to be the only way that justice sees the light of day with this.


    • Trisha,

      Thank you for your commentary / letter… Thank you for your service and care. Please know that I will repost your comments on my Here Be Monsters FL netroots blog and I will read your comment / chronicle to my audience for Here Be Monsters BTR radio show.
      You describe an acute crisis in multiple communities health…. a neglect of such scale, just so cruel and for an end result of profit for a big oil company. Corporate Earth. Crushing the shoreline communities of the Gulf basin. Your story has been repeated to me from several directions. I send emails, write blog posts (along with the very caring and capable partners I have here on RT7) I try to bring it to constant conversation on the radio. Social networks. As the political ‘season’ begins to bring politicians into the public, I hope to ask for answers from each one ‘running’ and to hold them as I hold the President accountable for the care less ness and the crimes that non resolution of the damages to people, to the environment, to wildlife…. marine life…. to ‘grassroots’ this specific effort. Project Gulf Impact is doing a great deal towards this. We are hobbled by the presence of so many corporate whore politicians … sticking to it seems to the only recourse.
      Trisha, as a healer, you are placed in the middle of heartbreak and the vacancy of any decency or responsibility by those ‘in charge’. Your voice is not going unheard, and if you read this response to your comment I hope you’ll reach a bit further and email me at ( so I might ask you to speak about this on the radio.
      I certainly thank you sincerely for your contribution to the post. For the service you are doing. Please get in touch!

  9. Norman says:

    Trisha, I think we all know what the reaction will be to your letter from our Government, the same that was given when the Hurricane hit the Gulf. Send in those contaminated trailers & “heck of a job” what ever his name was. They don’t care, because the people who live in the Gulf are collateral damage if you will. Go ahead, eat the sea food, that will eliminate more people. Our Government don’t give a flying . . . . about the health of the little people, so we have the system that’s in place today. No wonder the rest of the World shakes their heads at the leaders in of our Government. The only ones who are given protection, are the plutocracy, everyone else is chopped liver.

  10. Heck of a Job, BROWNIE, Can we say to OslamabinHussein, Great Job Jackass. The GOM was a Made to happen event. They had 2 leaking wells going on when that Rig Blew. The Corporate Elites were dumping stocks so fast before that spill, I am suprised they weren’t worn out for months thinking of all the ways to hide their monies.
    I have a Woman who is probably one of bravest people I know, she took a mid level job with a Cleanup Crew to make sure that they were looked after. She saw deaths, rapes, days without water, unsanitary living conditions, beatings, letting people out of jail to work the spill. I would love to for you to interview her and I Gwendolin. She just happens to be sick I am bringing her here to my home with me. Heck I went up to Panama City, to pick up a very sick worker and bring her here. I could have brought 20 with me….I felt like Shindler of “Shindlers List” having to leave them behind. The Stories are so Gut wrenching.
    Then I am making big time noise for weeks in a County in Florida and get pulled over by the cops as I am exiting the County and blew WAY below the legal limit, I was making too much noise about dirty fish to the County Commissioners to the Health Depts. Next thing you know, I am in Jail “DUI?????” The cops said I was impaired with no evidence…………….WTF. Why did 4 big Cops pull me over (I am 5’2″)and keep me on a road for 3 hours looking for my gun and doing calestenics on the road way, there are ony so many ways to walk toe to toe, fingers to nose, lift foot up in air for 3 minutes, but doing it for hours. Thank God the Gun was left behind or I’d be the next Ma Freaking Barker.
    The minute I couldn’t keep that foot up and after the Cop shined his light in my eyes for the hundreth time. “He said, “Your pupils look funny. ”
    My retort was, “Since when did your carrying a Gun make you an Optomotologist”.
    Then cuffs went on.
    That has now cost me 5 grand to bond out, Get my Jeep out of hock, Towed by Fish and Wildlife. HMMMM Pay an attorney and get my license back. This is how these bastards work and that was a warning. I have never been in jail and it was quite enlightening to see that operation first hand. I liked some of the prisoners in there more that the politicians outside. LOL Never let a good jail experience go to waste.
    So Yes I would love to get myself and a few of the very ill on an interview with you.
    Thanks for Listening to this Rant,

  11. This was posted on Rense and also posted in the National Public Health Alert.
    Thanks for the Love and Support on this Group and Thanks Gwen for your kindness to me.


    BK Lim and I and a group of Scientists co authored this Paper, BK is in hiding in Indonesia because he was nearly murdered. I have lost some good friends for speaking truth to Power. I think you will like this read, although sad. They are trying to Silence Us and we shall not let that happen. Thank You All, Trisha
    Pray for them, they are our voices and we are screaming very loud and clear for the love of our Country, Oceans, People and Life on Earth.


  13. Pingback: Oil in the Alabama Back Bays – BP Corexit and Oil Spill Woes « Gulf Leak Watch


    Validated and latest Assessment of BK Lim Independent Geohazards Expert.

    Keep the Faith, for that is what is Going to make this right. I will keep updating you on his work. A group of truthers have been sitting at computers tracking the movements of Okenoas and they are all looking for Trouble. Our US sattelites have blacked us out but some Really smart people have their ways of tracking.
    The Radiation Levels in the Gulf are now escalating, We need Clinics yesterday but that will come. Send us all your prayers and light.
    Love and Thanks,

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