Video – The truth on Japan nuclear meltdown & its fallout.

LET US LOOK AT the broader perspective the reality of long term affects:

On BALCO Mark McGuire is swinging Albert Bell’s bat!  Its MINE those two metaphors are mine they are mine in the context of the past 30 years the 30 years of neo-ignorance, let post Ignorance begin! WE ARE ALL NOT Orwellian fucking Morons there are millions of dynamic brilliant people in this GREAT LAND of ours called Mother Earth, we have been overrun by the masses of Ignorant with a club. Kevin D. Blanch


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Cordial conversations are dangerous intelligent passionate arguments get results,
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12 Responses to Video – The truth on Japan nuclear meltdown & its fallout.

  1. Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

    I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Jack Jodell says:

    His point is very well taken, but his ranting and raving and offensive language works against him in presenting his case. He comes off looking not as knowledgeable, but as a crazy fanatic.

  3. Norman says:

    What a wake up call. Goodness, he talks the talk & certainly walks the walk, especially with the colorful speech. Having been around Nuclear sources way back then, even I know of the accumulation of that stuff. That was the first thing that I was taught. I wonder how many hits this will get? I read a trilogy; Red, Green, Blue Mars years ago, which fairly well described how the Earth was poisoned by the Industrial complex that run amok, which seems to be what’s happening today. I might add that the sensors on the west coast were/are down for some strange reason? Wonder when Godzilla will appear?

  4. scaredstiff says:

    I wish he wouldn’t hold back so much. Let us know how you really feel! I kid Kevin cause he can’t catch me. I love to see passionate people communicating from the soul.
    Thank you brother. Right or wrong it’s from your soul. Here’s the thing, someone can write a great piece about this disaster in Japan. Fine you may recall 30% of what was written. After a few days, that drops a bit. With Kevin, he’s got your attention and anyone else within hearing distance. Yes you will remember Kevin. Keep em coming bro. Your shaking up their tight little ass.

  5. Marion Young says:

    You’re absolutely right and the language and anger are needed to wake people up, Kevin. This is a MAJOR disaster of far-reaching proportions around the globe. Wherever there are reactors, the people must stand up and demand they be shut down and scrapped with a means to contain the spent fuel. Honestly, I don’t see a reversal of this disaster in my lifetime. Congratulations on the new baby grandchild and I know you will do your best to protect him or her.

  6. One Fly says:

    I don’t disagree with JJ and a video rant by me that there are no plans to do would be similar I’m sure.

    It can be said that being civil all the time sure as fuck has not got us a whole hell of a lot.

  7. Krell says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Kevin. We have had 60 years of bullshit propaganda about nuclear weapons, radiation, and nuclear power. Just ask people in St. George, Utah about safe radiation. Just ask the Atomic Veterans who were ignored, suppressed, or harassed about safe radiation.

    It has been a systematic control of information since Hiroshima! The IAEA and the WHO organization has had an agreement since 1959 concerning publications about anything detrimental about nuclear energy. That is a indisputable fact.

    Kevin is presenting a video based on the facts and past history of thousands of victims! Denying that is willful ignorance and silence is the worst kind of noise!

    Kevin’s video is music to the ears of those who know the truth! Thank you, Kevin… Thank you SIR!

  8. rasunah says:

    can you comment on these reports?
    i am unable to get any ‘sane’ reports; how are people supposed to get such on demand?

  9. Trisha says:

    Dear Kevin,
    I am an RN in Florida I have 36 years in all areas of Healthfuckingcare. We have been lied to. I am watching people die from that Corexit. I am working with Earth Org and with the only fucking sane people who want to do the right thing. You are correct Kevin we have been lied to and I have watched this Bullshit coming down the pike for years. Now Pultionium in the Pacific. WTF. Here is a paper that I wrote that is going to congress I want to look in face of those bastards before the bullet goes into their usless lying brains. We have been lied to. My Father was a Capt in the USMC and die of cancer from Radiation Poisoning. I am appaled at the lies and the insantity that we have been fed. I am a Fighter and am on your side. Fuck is just a word. I am a 7th Generation American and my Father took 2 bullets for this country then died at 52 of Cancer. I support you and you my friend are the first person that makes any sense. Here is the link to the National health alert. I have more to share with you and Thanks for telling the truth.

    Trisha Springstead RN MS

  10. I am working with Geophysists and many of the Scientist friends have died under suspicious circumstances.

    We are Speaking truth to power and many of our lives have been threatened. BP has hired Ops and I have been arrested on false charges. I will win this round but we need more of you to work with us. Thank YOU,
    Trisha Springstead RN MS

  11. Trisha Springstead RN MS says:

    I am working with Fishermen and others the Seafood is poison, the sniff test is a bunch of Bullshit. The oysters in the Gulf are total poison.

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