Inside the Presidential Arcade


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4 Responses to Inside the Presidential Arcade

  1. osori says:

    That’s him exactly! PR!
    This isn’t the same artist who did the memorable “fartin’ pirate” comics is it?

    • Morgalla says:

      Nevertheless there are little toxic clouds present in this cartoon.. 😉

      If you guys have any bright ideas, I will try to draw them. Of course it helps if I can “get” the joke. (I’m blond after all)

  2. Krell says:

    It’s amazing the amount of PR that’s going on right now below the radar. I suspect that the nuclear accident in Japan is going to become all human error that cannot possibly happen here because of “all the safeguards”. They has a report out in the press in 4 days stating how the accident is “not that bad”. I regularly here slanted in NPR , MSNBC, and NBC. GE owns a significant portion of these companies….
    NBC Entertainment
    NBC News
    NBC Sports & Olympics
    Universal HD
    USA Network
    Weather Channel
    NBC Universal Media Studios

  3. jackjodell53 says:

    Great cartoon, Morgalla! As Krell says, we are NOT getting the actual total picture, and neither are the poor Japanese…

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