Sea of Hell (Dramatic Huh)

Japan: Radioactivity rises in nearby Sea

Am I supposed to be surprised? I’ve been waiting for this big announcement. Let’s see they have been using sea water to cool this hot mess from the start. I can’t find a damn thing about water recovery. Of course all the water used is contaminated. So have they been sucking up the water and holding it in containment tanks? Who the fuck knows as the ace reporters on the scene fail to ask that simplest of questions.

BBC’s Chris Hogg writes a story: The Japanese government has been trying to reassure it’s people about the plant’s safety.

Holy shit! Do they think that little of the people that beside Nuclear Radiation, they also think they’re stupid!!!

“Levels of radioactive iodine in the sea near the tsunami-stricken Fukushima nuclear plant are 1,250 times higher than the safety limit, officials say.
The readings were taken about 300m (984ft) offshore. It is feared the radiation could be seeping into groundwater from one of the reactors”
I’m shocked I tell ya!
Get ready for the big one….hold unto your butt hole… Officials then say: But the radiation will no longer be a risk after eight days. WHAT are you fucking insane? Who do you think your talking to Americans? These glow in the dark people are smarter than that.
Wait there’s more, It has announced that fresh water rather than seawater will now be used to cool the damaged reactors, in the hope that this will be more effective.
Prime Minister Naoto Kan said the situation was “very unpredictable”. Well thank you Prime Minister Obvious!
Now a word about sea water, What makes it sea water? Salt content! So they had to use sea water because fresh water was not available. I get that. I think it’s stupid and a product of piss poor planning but I get it. Let me slide this by you. Now in using salt water because the temperature was so high what you have left is primarily salt which is contaminated. Like I trust that they know what to do with that. Can you say cluster fuck.
“The levels of radiation found in the seawater will not lead to contamination of the fish caught around Japan, officials insist. But not everyone believes them.”
Oh I think the Japanese people have their number. I don’t think they believe a word they’re saying. At least I hope not. They don’t have tea baggers there that I know of.

I have to say this, good luck to the people of Japan, trust your gut and not your government. We are learning that lesson here.

I suggest you read the entire story at the provided link, if you can bear it.

Update: U.S. Rushes Freshwater To Japan Nuclear Plant
by NPR Staff and Wire. ( Cause the salt is clogging the fucking pipes.) Genius I tells ya!



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6 Responses to Sea of Hell (Dramatic Huh)

  1. Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

    We are being lied to. let me try that again, WE ARE BEING LIED TO! Thank you Tim for bringing us some enlightenment here…. shit fuck goddamn. Is anyone sane enough to be frightened? I wonder?
    Great catch Tim.

  2. osori says:

    Good post, Tim. I’m scared. Not for me, for my kids and for all the young people. My good friend Jess here who I think the world of, she may have kids some day. David and Morgan’s children, your grandkids. Bee’s little girl.

    There are lots of small things which we do, or we can do and that will help.

    But if things keep going badly, all we can do is hope. And us “Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego” types, we can pray.

  3. Krell says:

    “Trust your gut and not your government” EXACTLY TIM!!

    The government of this country and Japan has the history of lies when it comes to nuclear power to show it.

    Despite what the spin doctors are trying to portray… there is no such thing as safe radiation. PERIOD!!

    Interesting side note.. on Wikipedia, there were 38 revisions on the subject of Caesium-137 in the month of March. There were 53 revision changes on the subject of Iodine-131 in the month of March. Has the facts of the physics of radioactive particles suddenly changed in one month?

    To further confuse the issue, you have the terms of half-life radioactivity and half-life biological. The radioactivity is straight forward in that it is the time for the amount of unstable radioactive atoms to decrease by half. Biological half-life is the time it takes the body to get rid of half of whatever substance you are talking about.

    Cesium-137 is 110000 days or 30 years for the half-life of radioactivity. They list the biological half-life at 70 days to get rid of half. IMHO, biological half-life is complete bullshit. Sort of a Zeno’s paradox of safety.

    I am still going with the prediction that there will be a 60 mile radius exclusionary zone before it’s all over with. That’s if they sand/boron and cement the damn thing now!

  4. scaredstiff says:

    So what’s best guess? Do you think we will have learned anything from this debacle?
    I think we’ll just find better ways to cover things up. What they don’t get is people are on to their nasty ways.

  5. TEPCO, the Japanese power company has a very long history of lying about anything and everything nuclear to the people of Japan.

    So has most of our power companies on this issue.

    Problem is, nothing is done to them when they are caught lying. So they keep doing it. Big surprise there right?

    In China, heads literally roll, as in they put the head honchos on trial, convict them and put them to death. I am talking as recent as last year, when the lead in toys from there popped up, and another guy on a health related food issue I can’t recall at the moment.

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