Let’s speak through the heart to one another.

In a small Indigenous ceremony on March 9th we celebrated Ahau, the last round in the Maya long count calendar T’zolkin.   Daykeepers  (Indigenous Maya time keepers) say that on the ancient ball courts of Palenque, at the Kukulcan pyramid in Chitzen Itza and in the night sky observatories atop the pyramids of Tulum… tremors shivered.  Later that day the Pacific Plate off Sendai Japan hiccupped a pre-quake 7.2. and as our little group sent energy into the heart of the Earth Mother the most bankable members of the European Union shifted into crisis mode, yet again, to prop up the economies of Greece, Spain and Portugal.  People in many nations were in public protest with their governments, including the United States of America.     Our US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, packed with Republican appointees  have received dreadful reviews from such concerned groups as the Union of Concerned Scientists: “Authored by UCS nuclear engineer David Lochbaum, the report examines 14 “near-misses” at U.S. nuclear plants during 2010 and evaluates the NRC response in each case. The events exposed a variety of shortcomings, such as inadequate training, faulty maintenance, poor design, and failure to investigate problems thoroughly.”  Our Congress, now peopled abundantly with hacks and spanking brand new vitriolic barkers for the Tea Party (without a clue as to the functions or laws of the land), was dangerously proposing the profiteering agendas of their corporate masters, enthusiastically supported  by a Republican dominate  Congress’s desire for expanding American energy resources: oil drilling, coal mining, natural gas fracking mining and the pinnacle __ new nuclear reactors.  They are keeping Presidential company; President Obama ditto-ed each one of these resource expectations for America!  Essentially they willfully ignore the science of climate change, global warming and the death of global bathos (the deep of our oceans) to plunder what is left of our natural resources and qualifying their profiteering with political rhetoric steeped in fear of lack!

On March 11th in the wee hours of the American morning Japan’s Great Quake unleashed a tsunami and as the best prepared nation on the planet began to realize their peril, the shattering destruction  rushed over them.   In a near constant disaster porn replay of Japan’s tragedy, the MSM and sensationalist / exploiters online  or on cable earned their viewership, (the carrion bastards).  Then the reality of Fukushima’s nuclear reactors washed out even before Japan had hardly the instant to catch any breath.  And it’s become as frightening as any tale ever heard or movie ever seen about the END.

In sheer frequency of it’s happening, life’s lesson is that an END is always a new BEGINNING.   T’zolkin, (the Mayan calendar) in pure mathematical calculation, debuted (or Day 1 was) 16.4 billion years ago; circa Big Bang.  There is some debate within academic and Indigenous communities’ as to the exact calculated end date, but the assumed one would be the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012.  The other calculated date is October 28th, 2011, depending on the astronomer / cosmologist you consult.  My money is on the 2011 date.  Either way, the real point is that we are  smack dab in a zenith of cosmic, solar forces strongly influencing magnetic shifts in planet Earth (throughout the solar system, actually).   Astronomers explain “precession of the equinoxes” and the astronomical ‘great year’ we have just concluded: Our solar system has traveled through twelve constellations, just recently out of Pieces and into Aquarius (out of belief and into knowledge) in a 26,000 (great) year cosmic journey.  Each constellation represents a world age down here on planet Earth… the Age of Leo, the Age of Taurus, etc.  They begin in Aquarius and end in Pieces.  We know when a new age is beginning because the phenomenon known as “precession of the equinoxes” is observed (as it is now, a 50-100 year period of the constellation of Aquarius gradually dominating our rising horizon – as it  has been doing since the late ’70’s).  Historically, every new age is signaled by ‘cosmic events’ that forecast great changes both elemental and socially.   This new ‘great year’ signals more than just the conclusion of a 26,000 year cycle.   T’zokin’s end (or recycle) indicates something brand new for this cosmic neighborhood (our solar system in our Milky Way galaxy) and the “New Age” community celebratory / initiation lifestyle is anchored in the rare astrophysical alignments we are experiencing (between August of 1987 through December 2012).  We are going in and out of a flat out even elliptical alignment to the black hole center of the Milky Way.  We are in the midst of a cosmic ending and new beginning!  According to the Classic Maya we are not experiencing the end of the world, we are experiencing the transformation of it.

Japan continues to struggle to cool down the whole Fukushima complex as contaminate radioactive levels of tap water in Tokyo ain’t fit for babies while along the tsunami struck shoreline mass graves are the only option left for a People who reverently treat their ancestral remains.  Japan is in all consuming CRISIS.  How many of us are allowing ourselves the total awareness of the numbers and the crushing need?  Hundreds of thousands of Japanese are homeless, needing heat, water and food. They have not yet begun to determine the numbers of those who are already contaminated with radioactive fallout.  The current death toll exceeds 10,000.

Almost instantaneously there is a revival of the anti- nuclear movement happening all across Europe, in New Zealand and Canada…. we must join this movement.  Today as I conclude this writing the news from Japan comes with the fearful expectation; raising the possibility that radiation from the mox fuel in the reactor — a combination of uranium and plutonium — could be released. By end of today (Friday March 25th) the crisis will be raised to Level 6.  The situation slips away more each day.  We are past dangerous.  Long past it… to Japan, it’s devastation.

Shh. Be quiet. And listen.

Take a few moments to reflect on the beauty of the Mother, Her love, Her wisdoms, all Her Children.  We are Brother and Sister to all upon the Mother; the four-leggeds, the finned, the feathered, the creepy-crawlies, the Standing Ones, the Mountians, the Waters. All is our Relations. We are One.    Give thanks, give blessings, give love. GIve forgiveness to one another.   Give Compassion, the Highest form of Love. Mitakuye Oyasin ~ We Are All Related

I think of prayer as a bit of good self psychology; an inner dialogue.  An attempt to stay sane when insanity threatens and it’s product is a tad of self confidence and Earth anchored wisdom. Bitterness, cynicism are not the qualities of leadership that will bring us safely into a new age or heal and recycle a new world for our Relations.  Despite a natural inclination to ‘draw my steel’ and battle my way through__ I am learning to allow my heart to guide me to be kind.  A kindness to reach out, to learn and grow__ to evolve.

Can we speak through the heart to one another?   Nuclear “energy” is not clean.  It is not efficient.  It is insanity.  So, when Republican leaders suggest more corporate profits through their company programs to sell then build more nuclear reactors, please get the fuck out there on the streets and let them know: NO NUKES!


About Gwendolyn H. Barry

The Blender @ Daughters of Isis, inc. / The Ancestor Aromachologie'
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16 Responses to Let’s speak through the heart to one another.

  1. Krell says:

    I read this post this morning Gwen after watching the news about the reactor in Japan having a breach in containment. Two Japanese workers have experience radiation burns by wading through the water that they were using for cooling the reactor by firetruck hoses. Uranium has been detected in the water!

    There is no time to lose on this situation. They have to act NOW with swift action. The Chernobyl option MUST be implemented! Bury it with sand and boron to suppress the neutrons then encase in concrete. NOW! Even that option is going to require robotics and remote control. The longer they wait, the more damage that will require years to recover.

    Nuclear energy is NOT SAFE, they have no idea on what to do with the waste, and it’s not economically feasible. Why is it even being considered again in this country??? Maybe the president should step back and reconsider the safety of the country over the hold that Exelon has over him.

    Heartfelt words with a post that is relevant to the very minute in the news. Thank you, Gwen.

    All is our Relations. We are One.

    • scaredstiff says:

      Just a note to let you know I was here. I’m not going to make a snap judgement comment. Enjoyed the post as it’s clear you have an understanding the world some of us don’t.

  2. Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

    I’ve feared this all along. I think it’s a cosmic heads’ up…. quit now or perish. I really think so. And Krell… thanks for providing a space on a team where I could post this without fear of being ridiculed for my spiritual kinda turn of mind along with the science. Here I find an easy breath. I hope to translate that actively on the streets.
    NO NUKES~!

  3. Marion Young says:

    Many thanks for this powerful and timely message, Gwen. We are at the 11th hour. As we move from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age of friendship, enlightenment, spirituality and community, we need to learn to let go of the things that don’t matter and look ahead. Those who fear this change will be swept aside by the current. It is fast, yet if we go with the flow and join with others who are keeping their heads above water, they too can survive.

    For over 25,000 years (coincidence for the turning Age), Native American Indians and indigenous peoples around the world have protected the land and humanity with their respect of and reverence for being sustained by the earth and all life forces. I believe we should turn to them for the answers to healing this planet and how to live in balance.

    The meltdown at Fukishima has been confirmed. As Krell said, they have to act fast. In any event, I think the world may very well be exposed to this fallout. Japan also appears to be falling into the ocean. If that happens, there will be a tremendous tsunami and the nuclear reactors cannot be contained. The oceans and land across the US, in particular, and around the world will be contaminated. This is not fear-mongering…it’s a very real potential.

    While we all need to continue protesting nuclear waste and other destructive activities on the planet, your message of prayer and good will is all the more necessary at this time.

    Mitakuye Oyasin

    Earth Wisdom: For a world in crisis

  4. osori says:

    I share your distress, and fear. I also share the belief in Mother Earth, not just fear for her but belief in her. Belief that our emotions sent out to Him thru Her can ease suffering in some manner.

  5. Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

    @ Tim: I don’t pretend to have any understanding of the world beyond yours or Krell’s or Oso’s or anyones’, sincerely. I try to write from the heart, from my ideals / dreams. I understand that business as usual is over! It’s basic physics; for every action there is an equal and reciprocal action. The dominant military – corporate empire is based on oil and nuclear power. It is a globally fascist entity that has publicly demonstrated it’s willingness to invade, kill, torture, steal and lie in order to maintain profits. Their biggest war is waged against the Earth Mother. Deforestation, spoilage of our oceans __ the purposeful destruction of Home for a moment of coins, a human lifecycle that denies any true Spirit of human existence. The heavy metals, radioactive waste and complex of endless oil based chemical pollutants are the real WMD’s! American imperialism is collapsing: broke, broken and ultimately the Earth Mother will see us defeated__ between the Gulf of Mx and Fukushimia … how can anyone with any thought stand by and not understand what is happening before our eyes?
    “Are we going to change our values? Are we going to raise up leaders who genuinely value the health, safety and survival of the larger family and the Earth over greed and power? A kind world where intelligence is valued and the fear is laughed at. A problem solving world that releases futures of currency for the safety of coming generations.” – Chief Oren Lyons said that and I share his worldview.
    Honestly Tim…. I don’t know dick more than you or anyone who cares to read the information available. And I think the Indigenous communities globally hold some of the best answers for turning things around. [just so you know I borrowed this from my HBM newsletter for this week…lol]

    @ Oso – We are all the consciousness of the Mother. That’s my reality too.

    • scaredstiff says:

      Gwen Ditto! (Note this is after phone call!) I’m with you hon, I just need more time to digest everything that’s happening. Yeah, all we can do is share our heart really. Things that I get lost on is not that I think we should have nukes, I hate that thought. What confuses me about life is what this all means, spiritually. While I don’t believe in God I find myself at odds with the spiritual world. You see why I’m confused? Keep sharing your heart as it’s a good one. Go team!

      • Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

        Who’s my buddy? You know Tim, I have a couple of close friends who are atheists. I think really, they are agnostic… but hell, I think it’s more effed up to label the uniqueness of an individual. We all come to intimate terms with ourselves, or we really are fucked. And that HAS to be spiritual…. at least I think so. But my point was, one atheist pal was with us during our little ceremony on the 9th… he’s always with us… he finds some balance and goodness for himself in “the energy” of these more Indigenous gatherings. It’s all good… ain’t it?

  6. Jess says:

    I wish we could get rid of nukes and fossil fuel but until such time these businesses don’t have a grasp on our government’s throat I don’t see it happening.

    I think we can all do small things ourselves that hopefully over time will become bigger things, if enough of us do them and encourage others to do the same. You know, it’s the little things that add up to great things. Things like, carrying canvas bags when we go shopping so we don’t use plastic bags. Things like thrift store or consignment store shopping instead of buying new goods all the time. I think how much we could save our little planet, if we cut down driving just one day a week, or we gave up meat one day a week( I know I should stop with the craxy talk ;). Perhaps for some the giving up of driving might not work, so carpool if that’s a possibility. So instead of driving here there and everywhere on weekends, plan a route accordingly so you aren’t driving back and forth aimlessly putting fuel emissions in the air. Small things, not an inconvenient thing to not eat meat one day, maybe two if we felt so inclined. If enough of us did this it would add up after a while.

    • oso says:

      I’m so glad you found us!

      It’s not crazy talk, you’re right and it’s a good approach – to cut down on waste even a relatively small amount, if done by enough people – would make a tremendous difference.

      Hope all is less blurry these days vkid!

    • Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

      YOU~! are a shinning warrior for the Earth Mother Jess! *drama helps drive a point home, eh?8 None the less, it’s true what you aspire to do for saving Home. I’m sure your example reflects in your community, too.
      Hey, nice to see you Jess! TY for the thoughts. They are valuable. 🙂

  7. Jess says:

    I had to ask Bee where you guys were because I missed you and voila, Bob’s yer uncle I’m here.

    @Oso, ayup no more blurry eyes for this girl and all is good with the world. It’s still early though, so there’s still time for me to get into trouble 🙂
    @Gwen, ah Bee has told you about my drama privately mabye, well good, yes, yes it does as a matter of fact. Not only my immediate real life community, but I belong to a private email group of friends with Bee, matter of fact, and I sent bags all over the country at one point, just to be rid of them for garage space and hoped people would use them the way I do. Funny thing, all of them actually use the bags I sent them which is what I intended in the first place. My hubby has even taken to bringing some of them in his car, in case he decides to stop off and get anything. That was something I did not think I would see.

  8. Barbara Russo says:

    Awesome post, Gwen!
    I believe we are in a cleansing period right now and we are witnessing some horrible stuff before the actual change. There are some of us that are more intuned to what is happening because besides seeing it, we feel it. Gwen, you are a very heartfelt and sensitive person. How can we not hurt for the planet and all the beautiful things she has provided for us? I know there are times we feel so helpless and sad. We want to go and fix everything, but how do you do that with so few people that really care?
    What is taking place right now, is supposed to. The Universal Life Energy is taking over! This energy is much more stronger then the negative energy we have been in for so long. It is like we are in a purge, and an awakening. All of this must happen and everything happens for a reason.
    My Reiki master tells us to focus in on our good health and what is right with us instead of what is wrong. She says that when we do this we connect with the positive energy. We need the positive energy to heal! I am applying this to Mother Earth. When I go for my walks in the parks, I give gratitude. I thank spirit for the beautiful trees, the beautiful sky, the lake, the birds, the deer, etc. It’s such a wonderful feeling for me and a great energy that is being sent out. For now this is my way of helping her.
    We will get through all of this and when we do the world will be a much better place to live in. I say trust in what is happening right now, the higher power knows what it is doing.
    Thanks again, Gwen

    • Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

      Hey Barb! Glad you found us!
      Thank you for the kindness about my message.
      I also think we have an opportunity, maybe it’s karmic…
      It might just be a hiccup in human / Earth history.
      Or it could be that one mother fucker of an evolutionary swing going on….

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