No, I don’t back Obama on Libya.

I don’t give a rat’s ass if over half the population backs Obama’s move into Libya. It’s wrong,  and it’s not going to friggin work. Here is why:

The so-called revolutionaries are nothing more than a rag-tag bunch of men that have no clear goal, and no clear leader.

That is all you need to know. If those folks can’t agree on what they want, and they can’t…then nothing we do there is going to help them overthrow batshit crazy Col. Qaddafi. Now, we have one of our pilots shot down and during the rescue, killed civilians. You know, the folks we are supposed to be protecting. The revolutionaries are already split into two camps and no one knows how many Al Qaeda assholes are in these two camps…but we do know Al Qaeda’s agenda, without a doubt.

Obama picked the wrong fight to back. He is blowing millions of bucks, we don’t have, on a losing team. He states this is a humanitarian agenda. If that is the case, why didn’t he go into the Darfur region of Sudan or Yemen, or any of the other half dozen muslim nations clamoring for freedom? The genocide going on in the Darfur region of Sudan for years and years is far more horrific than what we are currently seeing in Libya. I have supported a move into Darfur forever. But the IMF and China control Sudan, so there is the answer to that question I guess. Yemen and Bahrain are our BFF’s so we are not going to go up against their government’s are we?

The bottom line is this: It’s just more bullshit and bravado coming out of the Oval office. It’s also a great way to take pressure off this administration’s current shortcomings with regard to job creation, getting out of this recession and bringing down the deficit that all the damn teabaggers keep screaming about.

Personally, the deficit is not something I give a rats ass about right now. I don’t want unions busted, public workers fired and/or laid off, and I don’t friggin want another war on foreign soil. The fact that all we have heard is the federal government is broke and all the states are broke, really chaps my ass as suddenly, we have the money to blow a million bucks per bomb/missile on Libya? The fighter jet that went down cost 30 friggin million bucks, just for starters.

Let the Arab Nations fight this one, it’s not our war, it’s not our fight, and it’s fucking not worth the millions we are spending. We have outfitted all our cough…friendly Arab Nations with the best military’s their money can buy…so where in the blue hell are they in this nightmare?

On the sidelines as usual, changing their mind’s like most people change their friggin underwear. Fuckers..

As this OpEd states, instead of bombing the damn Dictators, stop selling them bombs in the first place.


About Dusty, hells most vocal bitch

I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*
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12 Responses to No, I don’t back Obama on Libya.

  1. oso says:

    Full agreement, Dusty. Great post, glad you’re here and glad you’re kicking ass !

    Only those with the arrogance and/or stupidity to believe in American exceptionalism support this venture.

    Obama essentially punted on Egypt (They Do What We Want And Blow Israel) and is silent as Cal Coolidge on the Saudis (TDWWWABI as well). He’s also ignoring Bahrain and Yemen (TDWWWABI).

    If we were serious about a renegade regime committing depredations on civilian populace; if we were serious about conformance with UN resolutions – We’d be Shock and Aweing fucking Israel. We’d sent in the USMC and hang Netanyahu like we hung Saddam – oh but we’d lose hella troops now, wouldn’t we?

    Well there’s one more keystone of American military policy – if they can fight back we want no part of them. If they have a credible military we may bluster and threaten sanctions ( think Iran, China, Russia) but we only send in the troops if we believe it’s gonna be a cakewalk ( think Grenada, Panama, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya).

    Yeah Iraq wasn’t a cakewalk – but we were going off the Gulf War with the same intelligence outfit that didn’t see the collapse of Russia coming. Believe, not know.

    In short, we NEVER do humanitarian intervention – we do geopolitical interventions when it suits us.

    Tienes huevos mas chingon que mios, hermana!

  2. Jolly Roger says:

    It is very clearly a mistake, and about 2 in 3 of us at least suspect that it is. We have no business getting into a third war, especially when no one has a damn clue about how to stop the first two.

    We will, and I promise you this will happen, suffer a collapse as rapid as the USSR’s, and it will probably happen before the 2016 election cycle. We’re doomed. We have no leadership that isn’t too piss-yourself compromised to do what has to be done.

  3. Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

    What’s ultimately disappointing here is that UN and President Obama are inviting the world to think it’s about be humanitarians, and you can understand the PR in the contrast of all these protests for democratic rights among Muslim countries…. but what I keep wondering is, where the ever fuck is the humanitarian aid for doing the right thing in Japan? Like the growing need for some kind of radiation intervention?

    Yeah, wrong war to pick. I don’t think there is a ‘right’ war. Let’s hope Jolly Rodger isn’t a true prophet? *waving at Jolly Rodger*

  4. Jack Jodell says:

    It is high time we end our arrogant obsession with nation-building. I’m not suggesting an isolationist course, but we cannot continue being policemen of the world. Rather than a force for peace, our military/industrial complex has manipulated us into being a nation of continual warfare just so they can continue to make a profit.We have cast virtually every occurrence in the world as having a national security light in some perverse way, and it is disgusting. It is cynicism in action, and I’ve had enough of it.

  5. Krell says:

    Excellent Dusty! I couldn’t agree more.

    The claim that it’s a humanitarian mission is complete hogwash. It a civil war between tribes in a tribal nation with other nations concerned about national interests. France got into it to secure their contracts for oil. Britain pushed because of the oil contracts offshore. The US got into the mess because others were going with or without so we had to maintain the illusion of who’s in charge.

    What guarantee that the other side is going to treat the population any different? As Dusty pointed out, why the hypocrisy of selective humanitarianism?

    One hundred and sixty Tomahawk cruise missiles at 1.21 million a pop! Meanwhile, states can’t afford shit, or so it seems, and the Republicans are trying to save the country by getting rid of NPR. And the real reason that the economy is tanked is sitting on Wall Street trying to figure out how to spend all the money on what politician to buy next. INSANITY!

  6. scaredstiff says:

    Not much I can say that hasn’t already been said, First of all, Dusty, hell of a post to start out of the gate. Loved it! It’s like I think it and you say it but better. Kudos!
    JR, The same goes for you, my gosh I love being around so many great minds.
    Just one more thing for me, I’m not going to fall for any Politicians words anymore.
    We are indeed screwed, This aggression borders on the premise of false flags. Saying we’re doing it for one reason but really it’s a hidden agenda. Keep writing like this and I’ll have to get up earlier.
    The Badger

  7. It’s US imperialism again…and they can paint this pig however they’s still a friggin pig of imperialism.

    The reason Obama picked Libya is because everyone hates Quadaffi. Well, no shit sherlock. Also, the location of the country is important to Euro interests. But telling me it’s purely humanitarian is a total crock for anyone that pays attention, like every one here does.

    The most important votes on the resolution were withheld. That is a very important fact that needs to be mentioned and questioned. It’s a huge poker game, and the six that refused to cast a vote either way did so to cover their own asses when this all goes south..and it will as JR states. China and Russia, Brazil, Germany and India all refused to cast a vote. China and Russia could of nixed the entire thing..but interestingly did not. Like I said..its a poker game.

    I feel for the people of Libya, no doubt about it, but I also cry about Darfur and have for years.

    Oh and fuck the Arab League, I am so sick of us doing their dirty work..carrying the water for those bastards. They keep their hands clean whilst we look like the bad guys..its total crap and why Obama plays into their hands on this is beyond me. He looks like their lackey and frankly..he is.

  8. oso says:

    Most of the Arab League leaders almost certainly approve of everything Qadafi was doing, just can’t say that “publicly”. Works very well for them, let us be the bad guys. Not that we don’t enjoy the role, especially cause the same segment of the US public who believes we’re a force for good in the world also seems to think we give like 20% of GDP as foreign aid to countries that hate us. The reality in both cases in the polar opposite of public perception.

    • The Arab League uses us like a pimp does a hooker.But…what we spend to ‘protect’ over a dozen nations,that do not have any conflicts going, with our MIC is outrageous Oso.

      I do have a bit of isolationist in my body..and I know that is wrong, but we can’t afford to be the worlds security guards, not when the Arab League has billions at their disposal. Let them hire some Merc’s for Libya to run the show. Blackwater would love tht job I am sure.

  9. Jolly Roger says:

    Gwendolyn, I’d like to be wrong. But consider this story for a moment.

    Once upon a time, a mighty state existed that was feared by the whole world. This state had modern, dedicated Armed forces that could project just about anywhere they chose to project. But at the same time, this mighty state was ignoring the great mass of its multiethnic population, while the few who sat at the top of the establishment never lived better.

    What happened to this mighty state was (1.) they got into a war that drained their resources and angered a great deal of the population, (2.) the people at the top got so insulated from the streets that they didn’t have a clue about real-world conditions among the great mass of the people, who (3.) felt increasingly cut off from society and consequently cared less and less whether or not the country continued to exist. Eventually this mighty state got as its head a “reformer,” but he tried to placate the powerful interests and the grumbling masses at the same time-and wound up angering both. As a result, when the mighty state had a few keystone events, its unraveling came at a rapid speed, because nobody cared anymore.

  10. “The so-called revolutionaries are nothing more than a rag-tag bunch of men that have no clear goal, and no clear leader.”

    Bastards! Who do they think they are, 1770s Americans?! How dare they yearn to breath free!

    I tend to agree that this might not be the best decision or means to an end, but instead of repeating the bs that the right is using, gather facts and analyze.

    • I have gathered facts and analyzed. There are two groups of folks rising up in Libya. They can not agree on the simplest of things and there is no one leading either of the groups. Most of them have nothing but ak47’s and few even know how to use them.

      They know that they don’t know what they are doing..that is why they want the US to lead them..aka boots on the ground. They have gone so far as to suggest they will pay Merc’s to lead and train them. What they would pay them with is beyond me..oil perhaps?

      Egypt could and did mobilize thousands for weeks on end. Egypt seemed more together and they are also more educated. In Libya, We are talking about tribes, that are not educated at any level that would help them overthrow the current regime.

      Even the northernmost part of Iraq looks tame compared to the tribal groups in Libya….and that ain’t saying much.

      And if I am repeating the rhetoric of some of those on the right, so what? Does that make it wrong simply because of who is saying it? Personally, I don’t listen to the jackholes on the right, so it’s news to me as I tend to think for myself. 😉

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