The 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist fire 100 years later.

They burned to death and jumped to their death in a passionate thrust to life to watch their children live, to watch their grandchildren live, to hope for their children’s eyes to watch their grandchildren live. They were Moms and soon-to-be Moms and FUTURE GRANDMOMS.

They stood up to the players, off-creeps with sticks calling themselves LAW enforcement when they were best of friends of Evil himself. The taking cash to crack a young woman’s face. Accepting cash to empower the tiny, tiny, Freudian sex organs of the small in all. They walked back to their brownstone, limestone Mansions with their heads down… NOT GUILTY, but they still had their walk.

The Jewish and Italian and Irish and German and all other European first and second generations GIRLS 15… 16… 17… 23… their boyfriends’ last embrace.

Popular opinion and Freudian self-awareness masking in contempt with a greenback as a club with an ignorant Idealism as a funny religion they die.  But unlike the brown exploited of today and the working masses of brown brown yellow of blackish white of whitish brown, of poor POOR, they lived on via the other young women… THEY changed THE WORLD.

The girls of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire changed the world for the better. Much much better, they saved millions of lives with their 165 lives. NO MORE working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week with locked doors and scraps for money. They gave the wind to the SUFFRAGE strong 1919 the 19th

Freedom within, freedom throughout.

It has been 100 years… it is too strong to stop. We have revisited the small ideas of the 5th avenue, few in the garment districts of China and South Korea and Mexico and Sao Paolo, but we as the strong Americans in power… the exploiters. He said NO F.D.R. Mariner Eccles MY TOWN. They said no, you will not sell your exploited goods in our country.

Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy all 5 of them, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, and Reagan, H. Bush said NO. STOP!! NAFTA SAYS YES. ALL THREE OF THEM SAY YES. They can mow your lawn, they can build your fake mansion, and in that context it is worse.

At least the 5th Avenue Mansions were of quality, the fake stone fake paint in drywall calling venetian plaster, fake Styrofoam with paint, STUCCO LIKE Balco. THAT’S STUCCO, like fake breasts,  like hair extensions from executed Chinese prisoners , we exploit.

Our mowers of lawn, our cookers of sand called beef, our laborers of labor, our rooftop chimney builders, our sewer trench trenchers, we exploit here… there… everywhere. We rant… we do nothing.

There have been several fires that killed even more than the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist 165, – many more little children, more than once many more. The difference now, is in 1911, wrong as popular opinion was… it had a conscience. Now it has NONE.

They die in China, they die afraid to go to the emergency room in Utah and Arizona and Chicago. They die in Mexico with a cheap Russian machine gun. We all must own here in the 2nd amendment fallacy LAND. We do not care, we have no conscious.

In 1911, the girls died… their graveyard sacred hollow ground, that many like me know of and many like their 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 generations after visit. WE KNOW… SOME OF US KNOW… we care, some of us care, we benefited – all of us.

The others… the sad others, brownish white, blackish yellow, whitish black… working poor like antebellums,  with no shelter or healthy diet.


Except the Orwellian sheepskin fakers that think they benefit from fake breast and fake stone.

THEY ARE NOT MASONS 13…  they are fooled… even they.

It is A BALCO FALLACY! It is Mark McGuire using Albert Bell’s Bat breaking Ruth, DiMaggio, Williams’s 406, Maris’s 61, and Aaron’s 714 with one 15-year swing of the bat.

Let’s play too. It’s time to remember how we got where WE WERE… the Greatest Generation to the Worst Generation. The baby boomer ignorant…

Post-ignorance someday. NOT TODAY.


Their legacy lives. The 165 young Jewish Italian European women’s lives. HISTORY AND THE LOVERS OF HISTORY will never let it die.

It’s called Human dignity. Remember that, not??   ???????????????????

Kevin Dwayne Blanch 3/9/11

{Kevin Blanch is on the road this week, posted via RT7 team}


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6 Responses to The 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist fire 100 years later.

  1. Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

    My mother’s mothers’ mother and those she stood beside were Suffragettes. She taught at Alfred U in upstate NY. My father’s mother’s mother marched through the streets of Boston. My mom was a Republican who instructed my sister and myself that we had “choices” to freely make with our bodies’ and with whatever we chose to do with our lives. And now Republicans / Tea baggers / conservatives…. the ignorant and greedy of the land wish to turn back time. Fuck ’em. I’ll fight ’em. And I don’t know a woman I call friend who will not! TY Kevin for the memories! Rahr!

  2. bbarb81018 says:

    I agree, it was my generation who fought to get abortions legalized. It was my generation who helped to move woman forward in the workplace. We refused to be held back and wouldn’t accept no for an answer. I was damn proud for all that we accomplished. Now they want to take this all away! For all you younger women out there, this is not acceptable. It is up to you sisters to continue to uphold these rights, if not, shame on you. You will be held back and so will your daughters. Think about it!

    • Krell says:

      Absolutely bbarb!! Where are the people?? Stand up for what the previous generation fought for!

      To do anything less is a disgrace! Because those gains will be taken away in a heartbeat.

  3. scaredstiff says:

    Welcome Kevin, thought provoking for sure. My wife and I just saw a movie on this.
    Bless netflix. It brought us to tears and pissed us off at the same time.

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  5. flyingcuttlefish says:

    now you got The Times worried about yr message!

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