Conversation in an internet cafe chat room

ثاءسينثاء، hello

hi! guess it’s just us in here, huh?

ثاءسينثاء، yes, just us.

I’m AndyfromNevada.

ثاءسينثاء، nice to meet you, AndyfromNevada.

ثاءسينثاء you can call me Abdul Haq

Hi Abdul Hawk. you’re a gamer huh?

ثاءسينثاء not in the way that you mean.

yeah? Well we’re way past playstation in here. Got some stuff you wouldn’t believe.

ثاءسينثاء try me AndyfromNevada.

some of these things-they’re a variation of the real deal.Stuff I work with.

ثاءسينثاء how fascinating, AndyfromNevada

military.I shouldn’t be talking about it, you know? our kill chain is like, five minutes.

acquisition, deploy, destruction of target – five minutes.

ثاءسينثاء her name was Yasmin. his name was Hassan.

Yasmin and Hassan. are they gamers?

ثاءسينثاء they are no longer anything.

ثاءسينثاء my wife and son.

wife and kid huh? I’d like to have a wife and kid.

ثاءسينثاء as would I, AndyfromNevada.

ثاءسينثاء still working the afternoon shift?

heh, yeah. how did you know that?

ثاءسينثاء goodbye AndyfromNevada.


About osori

Too old to know better.
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5 Responses to Conversation in an internet cafe chat room

  1. Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

    a dark commentary on dark times…Oso. nice work.

  2. Krell says:

    There seems to be a blur between what is real and what’s a game in the use of drones. Targets taken out on the screen 2000 miles away from where it’s actually happening. Assassinations by CIA drones go completely unrecorded in the public. Is it really war? Are the “gamers” controlling the drones soldiers or civilians?

    Does a drone strike that occurs outside a war zone even part of battle? What is the difference in a bomb that is placed in a van that goes off and a hellfire missile that goes off in the same area if they both have 90 percent civilian casualties? How can one be called a terrorist act and not the other? Questions not asked in this country but you can be assured that they are in the minds of civilians in that country.

  3. Morgalla says:

    I like to think internet gaming isn’t just some simple way to get kids prepared for real life killing. How much easier to just push a button, rather than look into the eyes of an enemy before skewering him with your bayonet.

    I never understood why all war isn’t considered terrorism. It sure s hell is terrifying to the people who live among it.

  4. scaredstiff says:

    I so like dark! It dark that we seem to remember through the years. Perhaps that’s why those chiller movies have stayed with us for so long. Nice Oso!

  5. Jack Jodell says:

    Nice job, Oso! VERY unique!

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