Imagine that: Racism has a home in the Tea Party

The rallies started soon after the first African-American President took residence in the White House.

Crowds nearly as white as my 96-bright printer paper came to parks and public squares, carrying signs that said things like “Taxed Enough Already” even though the new President wasn’t raising their taxes.

It was, let’s say, “funny” how those same nearly all-white and heavily senior folks didn’t protest a year or two earlier when the White House was occupied by a fair-skinned fellow of all-Euro descent. You know, the fake cowboy who presided over ballooning deficits and bailed out the banks.

Not at all funny were the signs that depicted the new President with a bone through his nose, or the ones that called him a Kenyan or asked “Where’s the birth certificate?” Those signs were offensive and bespoke a feeling among Tea Partiers that they find the President foreign and contemptible.

Really, how could Tea Partiers be the slightest bit surprised that some observers would see racism in those rallies and the groups that staged them?

It was hardly a surprise to learn this week that a National Public Radio official would think they’re racist. The people at NPR are paying attention. They saw the way racist signs were accepted at Tea Party rallies and echoed at Tea Party websites where angry comments about Barack Hussein Obama’s foreign-ness were easily found.

(Side note: I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop on this week’s torqued-up NPR “scandal.” If history is any guide, we can expect to find out that the video was heavily “edited” by that O’Keefe bugfucker who produced it. I’ll bet there’s more to the story than credulous news outlets have reported so far.)

There is statistical evidence that Tea Party followers are, in fact, a racist lot. Or at least more racist than the average U.S. resident.

A poll last year by the University of Washington found Tea Party types were more racist and xenophobic in their responses. Fewer than half of Tea Party adherents agreed that blacks are hardworking or intelligent or trustworthy. Tea Partiers were far more likely than other Americans to say undocumented immigrants should be deported immediately.

Why am I saying all this now? Why bother to point out again what has been reported since 2009?

Well, first of all, I think it bears repeating. After all, some people still think the Tea Partiers “have a point,” and some naively think they’re only expressing legitimate, non-racist worries.

But most of all I’m wondering if there may be hope for a goodly portion of Tea Partiers. I believe economic pressures have been a prime motivator for many rally participants; they’re worried that their lifestyles will wither away in the coming years. If only they can see that the current president didn’t create the economic trends that threaten them, they can discard that Tea Party nonsense.

That’s my hope, based on countless interactions with Yankees who seem to have the reasoning abilities of normal homo sapiens. Sure, there’s a little racism inside some of them, but they do seem able to think. When confronted with the facts, they could change their minds.

You may say that I’m a dreamer, but surely I’m not the only one.


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8 Responses to Imagine that: Racism has a home in the Tea Party

  1. Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

    Up the Unions, says I. There actually is a general strike proposed (and could be on) in WI. But the tea baggers seem flumoxed. Their lifestyles are being swept right out from under them by the Rethugs. I wonder how these Tea Partiers with a ‘point’ can hold on to the reality unfolding before them?

    • Stimpson says:

      I hadn’t thought about it in relation to Wisconsin, actually. I sure hope there are old TPers there, collecting their pension cheques, thinking ‘What ever possessed me to vote for Walker?’

  2. oso says:

    I share your feelings about the Tea Partiers, as well as your reservations about the NPR issue. It’s annoying and frustrating how TPers stonewall any mention of their racism. Their behavior when accused of it parallels the old Jimmy Durante schtick where he’s caught stealing an elephant, and responds to the police officers accusation with “What elephant?”

    • Stimpson says:

      Yes, it is annoying and frustrating. And strange. I think a lot of them are just being stubborn. If that makes sense.

  3. The Beekeeper's Apprentice says:

    Oso, that sounds like T. Paine, doesn’t it? “What elephant?”

  4. Krell says:

    I wonder at what point the TP’ers will rethink their opinions. At the unemployment line? or perhaps when they expect to retire and they have nothing? Perhaps some may rethink if one of their loved ones get a catastrophic illness?

    Probably what will actually happen is that they will become angrier and angrier with each passing day as the quality of life goes lower and lower. Not understanding or not wanting to accept the reality of the cause, they turn more and more to the astro-turf groups for imagined enemies.

  5. timwaters1 says:

    For what it’s worth, Melissa and I have been to a few teascrotum parties. Some party, no cake! We also went to some town Halls. All were a fiasco. The things we heard are what made me start writing to begin with. They hate everybody and everything. It was one the most disgusting things I’ve witnessed. Yeah from my perspective, their racist and bigoted. It’s time we put them back under the rock from which they came.

  6. Love Canada says:

    Devastated to say that I am pretty sure that your hopes will be dashed. The ignorance of the Tea Partyers is mind boggling.

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