Brass Balls

The Newt explains away all his screwing around, it’s because he so loves his country. See it’s all your fault. What’s a two faced, lying, scoundrel to do? I mean he has so much pressure on him. The guy thinks he’s Henry the Eighth. This is the type of guy who farts in the bathtub and then blames it on the angels. This is the hall monitor who had at school.
This is the guy who had all the newest sports equipment but was lousey at playing sports. He was the rat, the squealer, the fink, he the one who told your mother. This is what happens when they grow up. Just as useless as when they were kids. If he got an attitude adjustment when it was needed, perhaps he might be a tad better person now.

something for the Newt


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9 Responses to Brass Balls

  1. oso says:

    Newt’s the Sleazebag’s Sleazebag.

  2. Stimpson says:

    I think Newtie was trying to say he needs a stress reliever. So when we discover that he has groupies shove cow brains up their asses while he masturbates … that’s stress relief, baby! Shoving pins in his penis while drooling over old photos of Ayn Rand? Stress relief! Has his wife dress like Madge from Palmolive commercials and go down on an old guy dressed as Mr Wimple from Charmin commercials? Stress relief!

    He’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders.

  3. Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

    He does nicely expose the Republican display of “classy” … though. Can ya feel me?

  4. Krell says:

    Newt is just like all the rest of those hypocrites.
    Screaming about government “handouts” while getting farm subsidies. Ranting about the need to make cuts in the budget while lobbying for tax breaks for corps. Trying to legislate morality while divorcing your wife while she’s on her deathbed in the hospital. Positively against gays getting partner rights or serving in the military, but hanging around airport bathrooms.

  5. timwaters1 says:

    He does have a wide stance on the issues.

  6. B. Evans says:

    My favorite response to the interview with Newt came from John Kass, a daily columnist in the Chicago Tribune. Enjoy.,0,1007088.column

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