Our Age of Outrage

Where is your outrage threshold?    “…for the first one now will later be last, and…”

Three short months ago Muhammad Al Bouazizi, college graduate, who could find no work in his community, joined fellow college grads who have created their own living selling fruit in the streets.   He did not take up with the “Army of Unemployed Youth” shaking the towns and cities of his homeland, Tunisia… he created the only opportunity he could find in the moment…street vending.  Last December 17th Muhammad was accosted publicly by a woman police officer who seized his fruit and charged that he had no right to sell without a permit.  He protested pointing out the glut of street vending college grads doing what they could to make a living for survival and that cost him a public slap in the face; to a Muslim man, by a woman.  So he sought his remedies first at a center for unemployed graduates; a place where they mocked him, answered him in laughs or insults and finally, beating him.  On December 17th of 2010, fate shrieked at Muhammad in the form of beatings by the police and confiscation of his goods and then further outrage as he sought remedy and received more beatings … Muhammad became vacant of understanding, hope, community and himself.  Though the other vendors were his friends, they had no real formation or group designation other than catch as catch can and survival.  They were without any organization, even though they cared about each other.  Muhammad was humiliated and just before noon, he returned to the governor’s offices, doused himself in paint thinner and lit himself on fire.  By the time he died on Jan. 4, 2011, Tunisia was aflame in protest, outrage and forcing the despotic regime to flee his country.  And there is no sign of the domino effect he started, slowing down.  All of the Arab countries are reaching for Democracy…

Mr. Al Bouazizi’s outrage threshold was crossed and his despair has changed the world forever.

Egyptian youth peacefully forced the regime of Hosni Mubarak to finally vacate power using Twitter and Facebook and the world wide net to the applause of every free society on the globe.   This global consciousness, the internet, has revealed Democracy and free society sparking a massive revolution.  The collective unconscious has become self aware.  The stability of the old world is dissolving as the desire for democracy fills their youth.   A planetary consciousness is shifting us, out of the east into the west…and make no mistake, you may not sit by the side, you do have to choose which side of the street you want to walk on.  While industrialization began to transform and connect the entire planet, that old metaphysical idea of what, who, when, how humanity would finally discover their common bond, their kinship… what would be the catalyzing force to unify us as human beings… transcending race, religion and place… has finally come home.  It is the Apocalypse.  The end of time.  It is as ancient as society: those who have and those fearing those who have not, the haves and the have nots.The moral and power authority of the have nots far exceed that of the haves.  Witness the 30 year agenda to squash democracy within one of its civilized ‘cradles’… the neocon infusion of the Republican Party.  Their first tool?  Displacing personal authenticity with the ancient manipulation of the masses: religion.  It serves it’s masters with awesome power to divide and conquer.   Their second tool slips easily into place, culture war.  Fear the difference between you and me.  Exploit ignorance; a political shell game of who is better than who.  In Madison Wisconsin last night the Republican despots who have been voted into temporary authority broke the constitutional law and legislated the Unions of government workers into oblivion.  In Michigan the Republican Governor of the state marshaled legislation that uniquely strips the due process of town and local authority for the profits of corporations.  It’s plain as day as it has been for 30 years: the GOP are corporate whores.  And the Supreme Court of the United States is upset with “conservative” corporate whores who are usurping personal and national rights through the deregulation of corporate profiteering and influence of the political process.  Corrupt bastards with less intelligence than their law clerks; like Alito, Thomas and Scalia are digging the grave of American Justice.

The simple truth manifesting: money is not the currency of the new day, information and education is.  The value of humanity is not measured in profits or fame.  In the old world youth is demanding change.   In the new world the people are being roused from a decrepid dream and facing the world without the old illusions of money and power… the profits are killing the whole damn world and those who collect those profits are worried seriously that the illusion is fading … so they are grasping with greedy hands what they are so worried they could lose…. money. Historically when people or cultures ‘loose their way’ some catastrophic event evens the playing field so whoever is left can begin again.  We’ve marked these changes by uncanny cosmic events to signal them, too.  No coincidences here.    The point is not to buy the old belief systems that keep you mired in ignorance and filling the pockets of the company store. The point is to wake up and take responsibility for yourself and make the difference to stop this insanity of species extinction and social manipulation.  Fuck the corporate profits.  Break the banks.  Don’t throw the bathwater out, recycle it!… throw the old baby away…  Solidarity is our key.  We must protest.  We must stand up for ourselves.   Welcome to the Aquarian Age of Outrage.

I will never forget Mr. Bouazizi’s name.  Not even in my next life.


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The Blender @ Daughters of Isis, inc. / The Ancestor Aromachologie'
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14 Responses to Our Age of Outrage

  1. oso says:

    “I will never forget Mr. Bouazizi’s name. Not even in my next life”

    Wow. More telling, more meaningful words have never been uttered. To honor him, to acknowledge what he did – this adds to what has already been done in his name, and it will part of what comforts his spirit.

    Time’s are indeed a’changing.

    • Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

      Everyone is waiting for the end of the world…. well, chaps…. the old world is melting away and sculpting is needed to crave out the new one. Mr. Bouazizi put the carving tools into our hands…. Ya know? TY Bro.

  2. Jack Jodell says:

    Well done, Gwen! Scott Walker and his goons have certainly caused an outrage here that I hope he and his de facto ruling Republican elite will pay dearly for! My only hope is that we Americans won’t have to set ourselves on fire to have to force change in this country!

    • Thank you much Jack! How about ‘setting ourselves on fire’ in the metaphorical sense? Like we get up off our asses and protest, demonstrate, engage our community… that kind of fire? Would be a decent start…. I think. THanks for stoppin’ by. 🙂

  3. The Beekeeper's Apprentice says:

    Sometimes it takes literal self-immolation. I’ll shut up now, I’m very cynical today.

  4. deborah barry says:

    You make so proud to be your sister. Your word are moving and inspiring. Thank you for share your wealth of knowledge. The Bat signal

  5. Krell says:

    Muhammad Al Bouazizi.. a persons protest heard around the world and changing an entire region. Amazing!

    In a way, his actions reminded me of the Buddhist Monks that would protest in Vietnam by setting themselves on fire. Back then, the effect was minimal, especially in the United States.

    People were willing to take a stand after the actions of Muhammad Al Bouazizi in Tunisia. He was the catalyst that started the protests. Showed that they can no longer be pushed around. Protests against the injustices and rights taken away has to start soon here or there won’t be anything left to fight for.

    Incredible post, Gwen!

    • That’s the thing, isn’t it Krell? We must get up and take personal responsibility to change the direction of not just this town, or country… but also this planet. Folks don’t realize that the very best scientific minds say we’ve passed the point of reclaiming the environment or atmosphere or oceans back to health. I refuse to think we are doomed. And for the part Mr. Bouazizi played as catalyst in a global wake up…. he’s a hero. Perhaps someday I should blend a ‘god’ oil in his name in my Ancestors collections? That’s the myth: the journey of the hero. And we cling to those archetypes to guide us through our own journeys. He played the part of the resurrection god… didn’t he? He arose in all of those countries as those now claiming their freedoms. that’s the story of … that’s the glory of…. eh?

  6. Nicole Tomassini says:

    Well said, Gwen! Hopefully, Mr. Bouazizi will be the last one to ever have to go to such an extreme. Liberty and Justice, for all citizens of the world. God and Goddess willing, we will get there!

  7. timwaters1 says:

    Screw the next life, this one is bad enough. I will think of him and wonder why it had to be.

  8. Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

    Tim, you GOTTA get some relief of the pain …? Hope is not dead. Humanity is Hope.

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