They Vote their Feelings

They Vote their Feelings

Crazy kids! What the hell are we allowing them to vote for. Hell they always vote the liberal line. They just vote with their feelings. They’re “foolish”, said New Hampshire’s new Republican state House Speaker. The Speaker’s name is William O’Brien.
He gave this little speech while recently addressing a tea party group.

Students lack “life experience,” and “they just vote their feelings” he was quoted as saying.
Peter Wallsten a writer for the Washington post recently wrote of this story.
“New Hampshire House Republicans are pushing for new laws that would prohibit many college students from voting in the state – and effectively keep some from voting at all.”
“One bill would permit students to vote in their college towns only if they or their parents had previously established permanent residency there – requiring all others to vote in the states or other New Hampshire towns they come from. Another bill would end Election Day registration, which O’Brien said unleashes swarms of students on polling places, creating opportunities for fraud.”
Tell me this isn’t a direct attack on the left. Voter fraud is the new mantra of the looney right wing. Really? They have the temerity to say that after Bush v Gore? If nothing else they are ballsy.
Let me ask you this, what is so wrong with bringing ideals to the voting booth? Ideals means goals, goals you want for yourself and our country. To dismiss anyone because they are to emotional, idealistic, or in your view not worldly is more ignorant then can be imagined.
Yeah they’ll reach for any straw in attempts to discredit unions, youth or minorities. The right has this track record of such things.
Hey we have to be vigilant, and call their ass out on whatever evil path they choose. Funny, not shit is said about their life experience when we send them to fight the old men’s wars. Could it be we have double standards?

Dirty Deeds


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12 Responses to They Vote their Feelings

  1. Stimpson says:

    The U.S. needs to reform voter registration to make it easier. There’s no reason why getting on the list of electors has to be difficult. Up here in Canada, I just check a box on my tax return and I’m registered with Elections Canada. And if I can’t do that, or for some reason that doesn’t take, it’s still no great trouble to fix the problem.

    I know the U.S. system includes registration of party afiliation, but you could still adopt a system of voter registration like Canada’s (with a box to check on your tax return) if you just make “Independent” the default position for party affiliation and leave it up to each voter to register as a Repub or Dem instead.

    At least, that’s what I think. Maybe I’m missing something about the U.S. system that would make my idea unworkable. If I am, let me know.

  2. oso says:

    I agree Mike, it’s not easy here. At least in my experience it’s not, at least in California. There are online forms available to change party registration, but I’ve sent multiple change requests to no avail.

  3. oso says:

    You’re right about it being a direct attempt to disenfranchise liberal voters, Tim. No coincidence the majority of teabaggers are old folks as well, Republican demographics in general are overwhelmingly old voters.

    • timwaters1 says:

      Oso It’s the old that send the young to die. They try and invoke their antiquated morals on us and call it just.

  4. before every election for the last seven years, I’ve signed up new voters for two months prior to… I’ve not been ‘up against it’ before …. but I’m supposing that now I will be. YEah?

  5. Morgalla says:

    It behooves the GOP and the Tea Party to disenfranchise students at University because the college educated tend to vote progressively, are more multicultural, sympathise with the downtrodden and minorities, and are in general far more liberal than their own demographic. Without the votes of the far-right Bible Thumping science-denying bigots, they would not gain power at all.

    Of course there are college grads among the GOP leadership, but I’m not talking about the wealthy oil barons and MBA graduates; just about the great unwashed public who are galvanized into action to vote against their own interests because the righties push their “fear” buttons or appeal to them on religious grounds.

  6. The Beekeeper's Apprentice says:

    Cripes we’re headed back to Tammany Hall real quick, aren’t we?

  7. timwaters1 says:

    Just curious, did anyone click on the link dirty deeds?

  8. Krell says:

    The ideals of youth. A person is blessed if they never lose that. The youth scares the old guard and the closed minded. And that’s the way it should be.

    Stopping the voting rights of college students will not go down easy. Maybe that would be the spark needed…

    Good post, Tim.

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