Why don’ cha MAKE ME ??!!!

The last month has witnessed the world in rebirth…

Beware the Ides of March the seer said.  Marching marching marching, People have been marching… for themselves and their communities, but not for the gods of war.  Just the same, war threatens and César could be vanquished.

This video expresses the truth in a very blunt, brutal way.  War, American war! prolonging the dehumanization of cultures for profit.  Mr. Assange woke us up with the video feeds of American soldiers indiscriminately killing on the open streets of an Afghanistan town.  The video he uncovered showed us images of bored American GI’s throwing puppies into mortar fire for fun.  On seeing that, in that instant, the careless cruelty of it all … I transformed.   My purpose has always been to help bring a higher consciousness, a change of mind that might trigger the evolution of a planet.  True it is that warfare has built and buried our cultures and societies over and over… history.  But in a stark modern reality of such large masses of consciousness captured in unrelenting brutality with government alliances sustaining it, the chances of changing these old awful habits and need to reach towards that goal … my lifepath broadened into a wider demonstration of shifting the global consciousness by taking action, whatever way I might, to halt the headlong profiteering catapult into this abyss of species extinction.  

When in deep water, become a diver… into the ancient sea.

Last night I watched (TV is making us crazy) the expulsion of a Democratic legislator from his offices in the Madison WI state house under the orders of a self serving, corporate Republican whore who won the Governor’s office (and is in the midst of being recalled).  The ancient sea is boiling over with corruption, self aggrandizement and graft.  And the People are marching marching marching.   This captures the focus of the fight, [make no mistake, it IS A BATTLE we are in], by Rep. Gordon Hintz of Wisconsin. 

Interesting times.   Serious problems.  A dying planet, wounded cultures, starving children and the negligent few with all of the money.   Which is not the real power.  We have to remember where the real power is… it is within us, US together.  Why don’t we make them listen?   Make them!

Welcome to my little corner of RoundTree7 and the knowing I would contribute to the social consciousness: words matter!  Our conversations matter and they stir the world surrounding us.



About Gwendolyn H. Barry

The Blender @ Daughters of Isis, inc. / The Ancestor Aromachologie'
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6 Responses to Why don’ cha MAKE ME ??!!!

  1. Tim Waters says:

    Gwen, good job as it makes me want to take to the streets. That’s what it’s all about.
    Let’s git em!!!

  2. oso says:

    Very nice, Gwen. What an inspiration that young woman is! Maybe there’s hope huh? Good thoughts and good videos as well. Written New Global Myth style, like gonzo only deep and spiritual as well.

    • Gwendolyn H. Barry says:

      Ta Oso. Gee, you’re the critic of my dreams! But I ‘get’ ya…. yeah. I just do Gonzo. I always wanted to and I was always banned from it. Now I just do it. ta.

  3. Krell says:

    Wow! Great post, Gwen. Just like you mentioned.. words matter and your words are a powerful force. Social media with genuine heart-felt posts such as yours is going to be shaping the future of country.

    The power that the internet has cannot be underestimated, just look how it helped start some changes in the Middle East.

    With your inspiring words, “..to halt the headlong profiteering catapult into this abyss of species extinction.” …, what nobler intentions are there?

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